Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scrapwords Star Starting!

Just a reminder that the Scrapwords Star contest is starting. Check it out!

What else do I have to share. Hmmmm, well I thought about posting a Obama campaign ad that I saw on someones blog today, but I will spare you and just say that I watched the debate last night and got tired and bored by the end of the first hour, but it just solidified my choice. I thought that McCain did a lot of childish finger pointing and a lot of standard politician question dodging. And I still want someone to tell me what he was writing when he first walked out. I just started cracking up because it looked like he had a cheat sheet back stage that he was trying to remember and wanted to write it down asap before he forgot.

Ok, off my platform now.

Onto scrapping - hmmm, what have I not showed you yet?
How about some things from my Scrapbook Dreamer reveal.
The letters in this first one didnt come from Dreamer, they are making memories and I was really kinda peeved when I found out that I was missing one. (after I took the photo obviously) those letters were AWFUL!!




oh and on a totally random aside - how is it that Seth is the one back in school and I am the one having nightmares about not getting my homework done on time? what's up with that?


marjorie said...

hello meg! thanks for the visit. and you just made me nervous! lol..i wasn't expecting to win at all. i just want to see how far i can push myself. but i appreciate your comment sooooo much. thanks! you take care.

croppin carla said...

Love your pages, they turned out so cut......
Hope you have a great weekend.

mel said...

awesome work on your lo!hate those letters too.tfs