Monday, May 19, 2008

Well, showing a mini book a day seems to be the thing to do, and I made a couple this weekend. So I figured I would take this week - if that's ok.

Here is one that I made this weekend. I took Becca's challenge from Scrapwords to use black and white photos, and it worked out so well, and was so easy that I ended up making all three of my mother's day albums (better late than never huh?) this weekend using more or less the same photos!

Ok, so here is the first one, for my mother-in-law and incidentally, this was my first acrylic album, so there are a few things that I would do differently, but overall I like it!

almost everything in this album is from my scarlet lime may kit! so fun!

Here on the cover, I used this sassafrass lass paper with the new die cut border - LOVE IT! and the rub-ons are cosmo cricket. and there is a little bit of yellow lace peeking out of the bottom.


page 1 - I learned a lesson for the glue on the cover - I put the glue on the edges like I normally do, so then I had to put something (the green border stickers) to cover the glue. I used a lot of double sided papers so that they would show through - that I got lucky on on the first page, but I did it intentionally on the other pages.

page 2 - LOVE LOVE LOVE those tiny letter stickers. you will be seeing them throughout this album and the other two that I made. they are from 'adornit' I got 4 sheets of them - red on white, white on red, blue on beige and black on beige. And I have mostly used the red and white combos on all these albums and I still have a TON left!

The bigger letter stickers here are jenni bowlin. I love those too - I feel like they add a fun kick to it.


page 3 - I didnt do anything with the back of the lace cardstock here, and I decided after the fact that I dont really like it white - it just looks unfinished to me, so on the next sheet, I inked the back in red to match the front. - oh and if you look at the corner of page 2 you will see the back of that kraft tag - I stamped that with a wood grain stamp, in red ink.


page 5 - notice the white floral paper here - that is the back of the photo from the previous page where ellie is holding the ice cream. I used some small scraps to cover bits of the backs of the photos so that when they show through - they show through with pretty patterns. The other photo from the previous page has a scrap of the green paper with the red circles on it - see the triangle peeking out here?

page 6 - I dont know what went wrong with that journaling spot - that is a jenni bowlin tag, and I stamped on it with a 7 gypsies stamp and for some reason it bled - I dont know.


page 7 - here you can see the back of the lace cardstock that I inked red - you can hardly tell!! and I covered the glue from the chipboard flower and button with the big fabric flower on the other side.



Shannon (Swell) said...

wow, that is awesome. i love the b&w pics, perfect choice. you made more than 1 album in a whole weekend??? that rules!

rajah1116 said...

That album is Precious! I LOVE it!