Monday, May 5, 2008

My scrap space

So yes, I scrapped a lot this weekend, and I will be sharing that later this week. but I should probably take new pics of it all because the light was bad when I took the first pics. So let me start by showing you my stack of yet-to-be-put-in-albums layouts. I seriously need an intervention here! I HATE putting my stuff into albums, even though I have a bunch or themed albums and everything is more or less organized, I still procrastinate it. and I store some of them in my scrap room, but they usually end up here on my wine rack because it is a nice 12x12 area that is clear or any other 'junk'. The bad thing is that when the glasses come out of the dishwasher, they sometimes drip on my pages. so I really shouldnt keep them there, but it is the most convenient after I take my photos of them in the light by the front door.


And now for my scrap room pics. Some of you may have seen them before, but a lot of you havent and a lot of things have changed since I am constantly reorganizing. Oh and it isnt as clean as normal because I took these on NSD.

This is my main desk - it is an old metal workbench spray painted purple with sheetmetal top. The rub-ons and stickers are hanging on curtain wire from ikea. you can just see the bottom of my new altered shelf that I cant share with you yet because it is in a contest. The peg board (and all the desks for that matter) was here when we moved in and I just painted it.


This is desk two. you can just see the bottom of the letter sticker clip up thing. that one is made from a dowel rod that I spray painted. You can also see my stamp and button storage here on the shelf. (stamps in cd cases and buttons in that plastic organizer that I got in the needlepoint section of ACMoore with my 55% off coupon!)


This is my newest 'desk'. it is really just a skinny folding table that I swiped from my mom. I needed it to pretty much just set stuff on - lol! you can see my photo box in the back and some shelves that I keep my glitters and embossing powders on. And some more peg board. The one is covered in cork. Oh and on the right there at the bottom are my page protectors that I store my scraps in. And finally, if you look really closely in the lower left corner you can see my 'trash can' - LOL - I am totally low budget!


Finally, this is the computer/sewing machine/wishblade, printer area. This desk and peg board were also here when we moved in. They are both permanently affixed to the wall. I recenly bought those plastic organizers for pens and journaling cards and stuff. And below you can see the first of two 12x12 organizers that I keep my kits in. And the mirror that I altered to do my hair in (see the flat iron just to the left of the computer) LOL!

and that lindt candy tin is there for me to alter (you thought I was snacking on that while I scrap didnt you?) well youd be wrong because I ate it all BEFORE I started scrapping - LOL!



scrapwordsmom said...

I am so loving your space,Meg!!!

Kaye said...

I love you workspace! I stack my layouts, too. At some point I'll buy albums and actually organize the layouts.