Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Im not going to say

I'm not jealous, because I totally am. Seth and Ellie went to the zoo today and upgraded our membership to the next level which includes not just admission and parking and bringing guests like it used to, but also all the 'add-ons' like pony rides, horse rides, mini train rides, camel rides, zoo-balloon rides, swan boat rides, and rides on the dodge wild earth thing. LOL - I guess I could have just said it includes all the rides. Anyway, ellie has been addicted to the pony rides, and we go to the zoo ALL THE TIME and at $5 a pop the pony rides were starting to add up, so we figured, why not upgrade for $90 more and have them be included - hey we only need to ride a pony 18 times to make it worth while. AND now she can ride horses and camels and stuff, so that makes it even less time to be worth it.

So they are there today doing EVERYTHING. Well, with the exception of the zoo balloon because she is afraid of heights. and I havnet heard news on the camel ride yet.

So he sent me this pic of her getting ready to go on the swan boats. Isnt she cute?! (they are paddle boats) I dont know, because I dont know if I have ever been on a paddle boat but, are they going to go around in circles since she can't really paddle? LOL


Anonymous said...

What a cute picture. I love the zoo too although we don't go as often as I would like and our zoo has the swan paddle boats too. Note: do not wear open toed shoes if you ride in them cause there is always water in the bottom of them...gross, lol. But the boat rides are a blast. I hope they had fun!

*~Annette~* said...

Awwwww. We love the Zoo here, too. It's the best thing for preschoolers and elementary. We usually have an annual membership, but the price just went up. I may just buckle down and get it.

Love the paddle boats. Wish we had them here, too!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh- I love that experssion on her face!!

scrapwordsmom said...

Ellie is just adorable. I love that you guys have a zoo pass. I love the zoo!! I wish we lived closer to one so we could do all that!!