Sunday, May 4, 2008

Calendar mini kit

Here are a few of the pages from the calendar book that I made with this months Scrapwords "You" mini kit which retails for only $15.99!! It may seem a little odd to start a calendar in June, but I thought it might make a cool mother's day tradition, so I made this calendar for my mom to put on{readmore}her desk, and it starts with June 08 and goes to May 09. If you want, you could put quotes or more pictures instead of the calendar pages.

And everything for this album is in the kit! the only thing I added was the photos, cardstock for the calendar pages, a few plain brads, ink, paint and of course glue. Oh and about 3 or 4 stickers that I had laying around and thought went well with my photos but they are totally optional. The 'full of life' sticker on the zoo day page below and the 'unique' sticker on the 'she' page were from a Daisy D's cardstock sticker set that I got at Scrapwords. This is the sticker set I used : Sassy Girl

Oh, and if you buy this kit (or any other kit) this month, I will send you complete instructions for this project (including tips, lessons learned and photos) AND a word file template for the calendar pages!

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