Monday, July 27, 2009

scrap it forward layout

well, I had an entirely UN-scrappy weekend and it was AWESOME! I havent gone a whole week(end) without scrapping in ages! We had so much family fun that I didnt even miss it! (until Sunday night when I realized that I wouldnt have anything to post about this week)

But, lucky day, today is the day for the reveal of the scrap it forward challenge pages at If you dont know, it's sort of like whisper down the lane, we start with a layout and the first person lifts it, then the second person lifts theirs and so on and then we see how much it changed at the end. So you have to keep it secret while the game is going on so that it doesnt influence the people who are still scrapping. Anyway, I am really happy with mine. LOVE these glitz rub-ons so much! Its funny because I got them from the owner of memory lane scrapbook shop when I was at a crop and she was just handing out random samples to us that she didnt want. I never would have bought the sheet for myself because it was one big swirl, but once I had it, I started cutting it up and using bits and I love it so much that I think I am going to buy myself another one!

so without further ado, here is my layout. lots of sass lass here and a bit of prima.


later this week since I dont really have any other pages to share, maybe I will post a few pics from our family fun weekend.

oh and I have a secret that I am dying to share with you all, but I can't just yet, so keep your eyes out for that too.


Sandy said...

That layout is terrific! LOVE the swirls. Love secrets, too! Glad you had a fun weekend. What did ya do?

becca said...

Hey Meg!! It was so nice to see your comment on my blog today! I hope you are well. I am going to hang out on your blog for a bit because I miss seeing your work. BTW, yes, I have a laminator. It's a 9" by Duck and I hardly ever use it, but it works really well. I have special sheets that I just put whatever I want laminated in, and run it through the machine, and ta da. Its pretty cool, and like I said, I hardly use it, but I am glad I had it for this project.

Take Care!

Janet said...

Ok...that layout is absolutely adorable! Way cool. Those swirls ROCK!

Kristin said...

I love when I find things that I wouldn't think of using and it ends up being exactly what I needed, lol!

I live in York and will be traveling to VF on Friday morning. I signed up to volunteer through the CKC website like I did last year. I signed up for 3 shifts as a TA. So that will be about 4-6 classes. I won't find out where or which ones until I get there and get my room assignments.
Are you staying over?