Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nana's Sugar up and running

Ok, so ages ago my mom and I decided that we should open an etsy shop. I set it up but never posted anything in it. Finally today I decided to go ahead and list a couple things. So far there are only a few cards of mine, but look for more fun things in the coming weeks. Oh and check it out here: Nana's Sugar

And now, as promised a few photos from this weekend.

ellie's first real rainbow. yeah I know the pic isnt great. But ellie loves rainbows and this was the first one she actually saw.

the proud little ham riding a pony

FINALLY the bounce house.

Ellie and Aiden with balloons


our new cardboard horse project. Ellie and I each make a horse a couple times a week. She is LOVING it! she tells me where to hang it and I glue them up on her wall.



Shannon said...

That is the cutest store name, can't wait to check it out! And Ellie is getting so big...ha, I guess that's what kids do these days...that's funny bout that rainbow, I was on the blue route heading south with one arm driving and the other trying to get the picture between my windshield wipers. reallll safe!

Marcie said...

She is getting so big! Love the little horses!

Sandy said...

Love the name of the store - I just went and checked it out! CA-UTE! Look at Ellie - she's just precious!