Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who me? Digi?

Yesterday I was inspired by a challenge at ACOT, to buy a kit. This is the first kit I have ever bought for digi. And then I ended up staying up WAY too late (almost midnight when I am usually in bed by about 9) playing with it while I watched my Tivo'd shows. What did I decide? nope, not switching to Digi, I still spend too much time on the computer already at work, and I still love the tactile part of paper scrapping, but Digi is fun.
Here is the kit: sweet digi scraps fruit salad kit
and here are the pages:

This one is for the CT Reveal challenge to only use one kit for a whole page. (super easy for me since I really only HAVE one kit)


This one is for the Digi Do-Able challenge to use the provided template. You would think that using a template would make it easier, but this one took me the longest. and boy, my computer did NOT like the fact that I had like 100 layers on this one.


and here are two versions of the same thing, and I dont like either one. This was inspired by the Ad challenge at ACOT and I had initially planned to do it hybrid for the contest, but then I was having so much fun that I kept going digi, but I think now I am going back to my hybrid idea, so look for yet ANOTHER version of this in a week or so.




Janet said...

I hear you but not for me either. There is something about digi that takes away from texture and dimension that I just can't get over.
Although...your creations are wonderful!

Marcie said...

No digi for me either Meg. Love what you did with the digi kit though!

Sandy said...

Well - I'm bi-scraptual. I love digi and I'm on 3 CTs. I love paper scrapping too! Hybrid is the best of both worlds. You did fabulous Meg!!!