Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creative Team Spotlight! woohoo!

I had another page chosen to be featured in the Creative Team Spotlight at A Cherry On Top! You can see it in the article HERE mine is the last one so scroll all the way to the bottom.

It's kind of funny though, because after I created this page and posted it, I showed it to DH and he said that he thought it was too 'dark' and the more I looked at it the more I agreed with him, so in an effort to give it more color, I replaced the background paper with a green patterned paper from Graphic 45, and added a couple of YMBD labels. Now I wonder if I like the original better? What do you think?

This is the original, the one that was chosen for the spotlight:


and this is the updated one (sorry for the blurry pic)


I dont know if it is the blurry pic or what, but the more I look at them side by side, the more I like the first one. Dare I tear the paper back off and try again? LOL


Sandy said...

I'm not sure - there's pros and cons to each of them. I'm leaning toward the first one. Congrats on being in the spotlight again! Told you - you ROCK!

Stacey said...

I think they are both wonderful. I like the second one because I think the green patterned paper makes the green in the photo pop out more. It just gives it more of a dynamic feel. Either way I don't think you can really loose. Congrats again!

Janet said...

Well...the are both kicking...But, don't re-tear...I think the green makes things pop more also. Your stuff always rocks...quit second guessing your self!