Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my weekend, and some new layouts

ok well first a super speedy recap on my weekend. First Seth's grandmother passed away on Thursday. I stayed up late working on some photos for a memorial board, then slept too late but rushed to get the board almost done before packing up for my weekend scrap retreat. I SERIOUSLY love this place! http://www.thehamburghideaway.blogspot.com/ the second I pull in the driveway I can feel the tension in my shoulders ease. Lots of good food, new friends, and scrapping. but I had to leave early (or really late as it turned out - lol - I had to leave Saturday night to be home for the funeral, but I wanted to stay as long as possible so I didnt leave until midnight!) Sunday I woke up and finished the board before getting ready. Then it was off to the funeral. Ellie was FAB! I got so many compliments on how well behaved she was. It was a long, hot, stressful day. I almost think that the relaxation at the hideaway was bad in the long run this time, because I came back to instant stress higher than before and by Monday I was having panic attacks. I stayed home on monday to try to relax and spend some time with ellie. It helped but I am still pretty beat.

Ok, now onto some more interesting happier things. Here are a couple of pages with Sassafras lass that i made at the retreat. I dont tend to do my best work at crops but I like this first one a lot! It's from a pencil lines blog sketch


then this one is for the music challenge over at acherryontop.com

So, if you live in PA (or NJ or NY or nearby) check out the hideaway. and if you need a group to go with, check out this site: http://www.itsscraptacular.com/main/

I met the owner this weekend and she was really great! I signed up to go with one of the trips she organizes to the hideaway. Seriously, you know something is great if you are barely finished and paying for the next time.

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Janet said...

LOVE these layouts! I melt is absolutely gorgeous! Gotta love retreats!!! I soo need to go on one before bringing Max home!