Monday, June 8, 2009

this weekend

was great! Friday night Tracie came over to Friday night dinner, and we got to chat for a while. Gosh am I going to miss her when she moves. Then Saturday I wasnt feeling great and bailed on a baby shower I was supposed to go to, but I did get to relax a little and get a few things done. man I can't even remember what those things were now - oh yeah cleaning out mine and ellie's drawers of winter clothes, and cleaning out all our medicine closet like areas and throwing away anything expired (we had stuff that expired in 2005)

Then saturday evening ellie went to her grandparents and Seth and I went out for our anniversary dinner. We had a really nice time. then we went home and chilled out, played some games and talked. Sunday I slept in, then Ellie and I went to a pool party for one of her friends. I was dreading it because I didnt know anyone and I would have to wear a bathing suit, but it went well! I really like the moms I met and hopefully we can all get together for a playdate sometime soon. When we got home we tackled the closet under the stairs because I wanted to get our camping stuff out and take inventory. We have a few things that we need to buy, but mostly we are good to go. We even took the tnet out back and set it up. Ellie wanted to sleep in it but we told her maybe Thursday since we all have Friday off. So I guess we are backyard camping on Thursday night. no fire to roast marshmellows but it could be fun. I also went through a bunch of boxes of old clothes and had an entire car load to give to good will this morning.

Then today I got ellie's precamp schedule all settled, even got a credit on our account. At lunch I spent the credit on clothes for her at gymboree - unintentionally, I went in for underwear and ended up with a whole outfit, but oh well, its cute and it was on sale. and she will love it! I also donated all that stuff to goodwill.

and now for my first layout for the 92 days of summer at YMBD scrapbooking - chronicling last week and using a sketch from our very own Heather!



Sandy said...

Hey - I like the layout... LOL. I'm so glad you had a nice weekend. I'm also very, very happy that you have met some new friends. That's wonderful. You can roast marshmallows over a charcoal grill - it works wonderfully! Please take photos for those of us without young children (or girls).

Rebecca De La Torre said...

That looks awesome, Megan! I love reading your blog. I feel almost like I get to talk to you. Sounds like you're doing great!

Jules said...

Happy Anniversary. Didn't you love Savannah? (previous post) and your layout is great!

Janet said...

Love the layout and it sounds like a terrific weekend!