Monday, November 24, 2008

My Twilight review

If you read my comments on YMBD then you might as well stop reading now because this is totally copy-pasted. but here is my take - from a lover of the books and someone who was DYING to see the movie...
ok, dont hate me for saying this, but ...

I pretty much hated the movie. I think a big part of it was Edward. I just dont find him attractive at all. and he really wasnt anything like I pictured. although, I think that is partly because I pictured him older - which is my own fault of course. but still, I thought his makeup was too heavy, his hair was just awful, hated his eyebrows and his lips. well, yeah, pretty much just didnt like him at all. I mean the actor that plays him is ok without all that makeup, but in my opinion, just ok. and with all that makeup, well, just plain weird. Didnt like the casting for Jacob either, but I think in the next movie I will SOOOO be team Jake, because I just dislike Edward so much.

And then I guess I fell into a lot of the problems with watching a movie after reading the book - it just didnt explain it right. And I totally 'got it' but DH went with me and I had to explain things to him the whole time and after the fact while we were making fun of it all night, there were more things he just didnt get.

Finally, - lol, could I really rip it any more?- I didnt like the way it was filmed. Im not a film buff or anything, in fact that was the first time I saw a movie in the theater in over a year, but I just thought the filming was weird, like soap opera dream sequence-esque. I guess it was meant to give it an ethereal feel, but I just found it weird.

wanna know who I thought was hot? James! lol!
oh and Carlisle was a close second. I guess I just really dont like younger boys. I have always had a thing for older men and I guess now that I am older, it just doenst go the other way.

I liked Bella, Esme and Alice and Emmett and Bella's Dad and Bella's friends. I thought Rosalie was poorly cast too. oh and I liked all the bad vampires, thought they were done really well. Can't wait to see more of Victoria.

oh and the cheesiness! omg! yeah I guess the book was cheesy, because most of the really cheesy parts came straight from the book, but there were times when I was just like 'omg did she REALLY just say that?" then again maybe it was the way it was acted and filmed. One scene that comes to mind is where he is saying, "say it, out loud, say it" and she says, "vampire" - it was unbelievably cheesy! I just totally had to roll my eyes at that one and almost felt like I watching one of those spoof movies like 'Scary Movie'. It was so beyond cliche.

So, as much as I really didnt love it. I will be seeing the second one and I am glad that they are making it.


scrapwordsmom said...

I thought the bad vamps were perfect, too!! The movie did 71 million. I owe Jackson 50 bucks!!LOL!!

I LOVED the scene where she says vampire. My fave!

Edward is GORGEOUS in my opinion!! Isn't is great we can all have our opinions?! Oh and I agree with you. My DH is not gonna get this movie because he didn't read it.

Nikki Love said...

Ok, I know you didn't like it but I still love you anyway ;)

Nessa said...

thanks for your comment on my blog, I just say that I was so so so happy!!!!
take care
vanessa (nessa ymbd)

AngelBear said...

Thanks for the review....

You have received an award...check out my blog!

Keely Yowler said...

Loved the book SO much and the movie was such a letdown. I think the beauty of reading a great book is that we create it so perfectly in our mind. I loved Edward! I do agree that the makeup was way too much. This is such a difficult book to make into a movie, because so much of the story is Bella's thoughts and feelings. I'll be in line to see the next movie, too. Love your blog!

Theresa Merkling said...

The tree jumping scene was rather bizarre to me... and I was disappointed that he didn't sparkle more in the sunlight - I had a much more vivid radiance in my imagination from the book.

Like you, Meg, it's hard to get excited about young boys and you're right, his looks didn't do much for me either... but I guess we need to accept that what 17 yo's think is hot probably doesn't measure up to what grown ups think.

I've read all four books now and found volume 4 to be the best of the lot. I guess I just didn't think forward enough, but somehow, that plot twist never occurred to me - I'd be more specific, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't gotten that far.

The movie was okay, but movies are rarely as good as what your imagination conjures when you read the books...