Monday, November 24, 2008

great weekend

I had a really fabulous weekend. Very 'well balanced' plenty of rest, plenty of me time, plenty of family time, and I even accomplished a little something!

Friday I cleaned a little and scrapped a lot. Then we had dinner with the in-laws like usual. Saturday I cleaned some more, the cleaning people came over and cleaned a lot, I did laundry and scrapped, then we dropped ellie off at her grandparents and went to see Twilight. after the movie we went to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen and had a great time chatting and making fun of the movie. (we havent had so much to talk aobut , or the time to do it in ages!) then we wandered the mall a little and went shopping in the disney store. I always buy a christmas ornament with the year on it. We got a tinkerbell with light up wings this year. and then we got a bunch of sets of figurines for ellie - the whole Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty collections. And they were all on sale!! oh and I found an adorable sweater dress that I HAD to get for her, because she wears dresses all the time and I wanted to get her a warm one, but they didnt have it in her size, so I called my Grandmother to see if she could check the store near her. Well she found one at a mall in between us, so we met up there the next day, after I had picked ellie up and ran a couple other errands. We met at the mall, did a little more sale Disney shopping, ellie sat on Santa's lap, then we ate lunch. When we got home I did a little more scrapping and helped ellie make some glittery snowflakes we watched some TV and got out some Christmas decorations, then had dinner and made pumpkin bread. GREAT GREAT weekend!

and here are a few pages using Fancy pants stuff from the Scrapwords store!



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