Monday, November 17, 2008

chore chart

This is a chore chart that I made for ellie. I wanted to keep it super simple. She gets a star each day before bed time if she feeds the dog, picks up her toys and doesnt hit. Then when the paper is full, she will get a small gift.

for the base of this I used a shipping envelope. Just covered it with patterned paper and embellished. Then I punched the holes with my crop-a-dile and threaded ribbon through the pages (printed from word 2 to a page) and tied the ribbon in the back. Then I made little snips in the pages to make them easier to tear off.

This is the first thing that I used my new Slice on too!

So far Ellie is really on board with the whole star thing. She kept asking for a star all day yesterday then when I gave her one she was so excited! She now has three because she had earned one earlier in the week and then we gave her one for picking up her toys before settling on the 'before bed - one star per day' plan.

I couldnt settle on how to hang it up, so we just have it on the fridge with a magnetic chip clip holding it up.



Sandy said...

Awww - this is sooo cute! What did you cut with the slice?

scrapwordsmom said...

So darling! So how do you like your Slice??