Saturday, August 16, 2008

What a Magical Vacation

or... We are HOME!!
or... I MUST be crazy
or... I must really like this kid
or... Hurry up and Wait!
or... So this is what hot really is...

Yeah, so we are home, finally! We had a great time but it was really exhausting and I think all of us are really in desperate need of some 'me' time and continuous air conditioning, and lots of sleep, and downtime, oh and a couple of us are going through total internet withdrawal! Can you believe that disney doesnt have free wi-fi in their deluxw hotels?! I sure couldn't!

Anyway, I will post more later. But a quick run-down is that we spent a lot of time in the magic kingdom, ellie loves princesses. Some fabulous cast members spent some time introducing her to Minnie and mickey, so while she is still afraid of almost all of the characters in big constumes, Minnie and Mickey were her buds! We DID finally find the Beast and she gave him a hug because 'he's Belle's friend'

We saw LOTS of princesses, rode Dumbo FOUR times, the carousel three times, its a small world, peter pan and pooh (which totally scared her) - the biggest hit with all of us were the shows - Beauty and the Beast in Hollywood studios, Nemo and the Lion King in Animal Kingdom, Mickey's Philaharmonic, and country bear jamboree in magic kingdom, turtle talk with crush in epcot. The parade was scary at first, but we ended up seeing it twice and ellie really loved it!

I have some 'sayings' written down from the trip to use in my scrapbook pages. We took over 1000 photos and disney took almost 200 of us (not sure if we are buying them yet). One of the best quotes though was 'look Dad more water' - every time we saw water from the bus window, ellie had to point it out. And of course, it is florida in the middle of a swamp so there is water everywhere!

oh well, I think that is all for now, we just got in and I have some photos to look at. And I need to start planning my workout/diet that I am going back on tomorrow. I am going to do body for life again, but slightly modified, so I need to print out some tracking sheets.

oh and I have lots of scrappy goodness to play with - if I get enough sleep tonight maybe I can scrap tomorrow. I dont know thought becasue it is after 7 and ellie is sleeping and doesnt want to wake up so seth thinks maybe she WILL make it through the night - she is really tired. but ya know? I seriously doubt that she will be out all night so I could be in for a shorter than desired night. but on the other hand I dont really want to wake her up - she is NOT fun to be around when you have to wake her from a nap.


Suzanne said...

Welcome home! I can't believe you were surprised that something at DW wasn't free! LOL Totally understand the magical, but glad to be home part. Can't wait to see some of your photos scrapped! :-)

scrapwordsmom said...

Glad you are home, Meg!! Sounds like you all had a blast. Loved your thoughts on traveling there. It is all those things!! LOL!

Talk about internet withdrawl. I still don't have mine and the library police are getting ready to kick me off (again!)

Shannon said...

glad you had fun! i can imagine a trip like that is a lot of "work" and that you need a vacay when you get back! no internet access??? blechhhh!!

Heather said...

Welcome back! It sounds like you had a fun-filled but BUSY vacation!