Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My entry

Ok, so as much as I am beating myself up about this now, I am still pretty fond of it, so here it is:

the first assignment was to make a page using the Together and Artsylicious product that was included. This is the page I made. I had a really tough time with the title, and I have definitely decided that I dont like what I did with the brown paper there, but I just couldnt find something better.




And the other thing was wide open - item or page using the chatterbox product. They sent me a whole bunch of the really cool gems and buttons and stuff, so I looked at them and thought they reminded me of jewels so I wanted to make a princess jewelry box - complete with a ballerina. I had a terrible time finding a cheap jewelry box with a ballerina in it, but I did.

And now I wonder if the doll is too cheesy and maybe THAT is what made me not win - lol - gosh I overthink everything. Anyway, I still love it

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

So now I know I am sounding really sad and like I am really beatin myself up. but suprisingly I am not, I am still thrilled to have made the short list and the girls that won are just fabulous! those pages were totally drool worthy! So, really, I am ok. I am happy with what I did. (I can't help but crtique it after all we are all our own worst critic) but I am happy with it. I LOVE that box!


Happay said...

I had wondered if we all had the same products and assignments. We did not. I really like your LO and your project is very creative and sweet.

AngelBear said...

your works of art are amazing!!! Truly outstanding!

Nicole said...

cute box!

Melanie said...

Your projects are stunning Meg, please don't think that they aren't goo enough.

I love the jewellery box.

Marcie said...

Megan, these are beautiful! You should be very proud!

Zoa said...

GORGEOUS!! I just heard the news --- I know I am so late! I am sorry you didn't make it Megan- your stuff is AWESOME! I definitely don't think there was anything wrong with your entries- you just never know what the judges are looking for!! GREAT JOB!!!