Tuesday, August 5, 2008

been shopping

not a whole lot of scrapping that I can share here - most of it is for Chatterbox. Then there has been a lot of packing and preparing for Disney. But in the midst of that I DID do a bit of shopping - needed some things for my Chatterbox entry, and some things for Disney, and other places were just random.

wanna know what I got at the dollar store yesterday? - a sidewalk chalk holder that has Ariel on top. Wanna know why it is so cool? Bet you would be wrong if you guessed.

It is cool because I hate to hold chalk, it makes me cringe, and Ellie is always asking for me to draw stuff for her, so this way I wont have to touch the chalk to draw stuff for her!oh, and the chalk will be less likely to break. We have a whole bunch of tiny little pieces. I am cringing just thinking about it - seriously. I am a total freak!

Hmmm, what else - a couple things that I cant share - lol! Chatterbox again! I love to tease you.

I JUST went to ACMoore and got a ribbon threading punch, it is called 'bow tie ribbon' punch and has two 3/8 in slots, 5/8 in apart. I really kinda wanted one that would punch just ONE slot so that I could determine the spacing - oh well.

I also got some dimensional glaze because I have never tried it - it is drying on the packaging right now - lol! I had to try it out and I couldnt wait to get home.

and the other day at Goodwill I had a MAJOR score! I got TWO packages of ink jet printable transparencies (I think 50 sheets each but maybe just 25-the sticker was over the specs) unopened for only $1.95 each! if you have ever bought ink jet transparencies you know that is a GREAT find! I think DH bought me a pack of 50 that cost almost $50! So I figure that even if they are only 25 sheet packs, they are worth about $50 and I spent $4! That is a savings of $46!!

Hmmm, I might have to be RAKing some inkjet transparencies, because I use them, but I wouldnt want to keep all the goodwill to myself - lol! ahhh, I crack myself up.

oh and speaking of good will. Yesterday in the dollar store this woman needed .12, or she would have to break her $20. and she yelled across the store to someone she knew to ask for it. But the other woman didnt have it, and to be honest, I kinda thought she was talking to me. I think the other woman's name was Missy, or soemthing similar because I thought she said, "Miss do you have twelve cents". So I said, yeah I do. And she said, no she couldnt accept that and it was no big deal she would just break her $20 but thank you. And I said, are you sure? and she said, yeah it isnt a problem. then she proceeded to thank me FOUR TIMES. Even once in the parking lot - just for offering her .12 . She said, you knwo a lot of people wouldnt do that. I dunno, I guess she is right, but she didnt even take it, I felt kind of weird that she thanked me so profusely just for offering, but it is nice to brighten someones day

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