Friday, August 29, 2008

and the Bad Girls Top Designer sign-ups are open

I just signed up for the second annual Bad Girls Top Designer contest.


you should check it out - and no I dont get ANYTHING from telling you this - but it was really fun last year, each weekly challenge includes a class from one of the design team members. last year the classes were based around aspects of art like balance and texture and stuff like that. The design team members are fabulously talented and really did their homework, so I enjoyed reading the classes and really trying to apply the principles to my work. of course last year I think I only made it 3 weeks, but I am going to try for 4 this year!


Melanie said...

Good luck with it this year Meg, I hope you make it all the way.

hansenfamily said...

I saw that on their site. I thought about it but wasn't too sure. I hope you make it to the top! I saw something about a teachers pet prize. Hope you win.

Shannon said...

hmmm, do i do it??? i haven't been doin much at all but i still want all the goods!!

Janet said...

hmm...sounds kinda fun. I just wish I had more time!