Wednesday, June 11, 2008

so tired!

Here is the page that I did for three Scrapwords challenges: Selena's sketch, Sandy's letter E (I still havent done D) and Darlene's monochromatic challenge

the background paper was plain pink, then I stamped it with a versamark ink and wood grain stamp, then it wasnt dark enough so I embossed it with clear embossing powder.

Papers are Daisy D, letters are thickers, flowers are prima, misc buttons and metal findings and karen foster jeweled brads


I am so tired today. I am taking the day off from working out - Does anyone know if you are allowed a day off from working out on the Body for Life plan? (my book STILL hasnt come) I know you are allowed a day off from dieting and I am choosing Sat as that day this week, but I really think I need today off from my workout. - I am soooooo dragging! I have been following the diet/exercise program REALLY WELL. this has been so easy so far - ok not easy, but do-able. BUT I have been working out hard, and not eating a lot, and I think it is just catching up to me. My body is real sensitive to that, and usually I end up sick the first week or two of a diet. So, I think that is a big part of it. I did strength training at work last night and it really took it out of me. I am still recovering today. I was at work until 9pm last night!!!! And we had a HUGE storm that took out the power (it came back on before I left) but all the traffic lights were out. And then a road that I normally take was closed, so I got a little lost, had to back track and go around - didnt get home until almost 10 and hadnt eaten dinner yet! I ate dinner and went straight to bed - yeah, I know not the best idea for a diet, but I was soooooooo hungry that I had to eat something!This morning I had to be in work early. I overslept then the road was STILL closed and the light was still out - no cop directing traffic this morning, it was a total mess. Now I am here, filled up from my yummy shake, but sooooo tired. I am too full and too thirsty to drink more coffee. I want to drink water but I am too full for it. I think I should have only had half of the shake, but it was so good, I couldnt stop myself - lol! ok, I am done whining - back to work


teresamatz said...

that pink back ground paper rocks! I gotta get one of those stamps

rajah1116 said...

Love that woodgrain stamp! Who makes that?

ALLY said...

Beautiful page Meg! Sure hope you're feeling better!