Monday, June 30, 2008

Its been a while

Sorry about that. I just got really busy and didnt feel like spending time online. But now, the weekend is over and I am back at work and I would rather spend time writing than doing my work. So, here is a quick recap of my weekend. Friday-took Ellie to camp, met her teachers, feel better about her being in camp. Then, got my hair cut, HATED it, but resolved to see how I felt about it after washing it. Was miserable all day, probably from the hair cut and feeling bad about myself. Ran some errands, scrapbooked a little, picked Ellie up from camp, scrapbooked a little more (big crop at Scrapperie this weekend, so scrapping is going to be a theme) went to ILs for dinner. Saturday morning I tried to sleep in because I was really tired on Friday from getting no sleep Thurs night - no amount of coffee seemed to work. Got up on Sat, STILL hated my hair, almost cried. Called the salon and told them, got an appt for noon for her to fix it, spent the next couple hours scrapping and trying not to stress about the hair and going to the salon and feeling bad for telling the girl I hated it. (seth took ellie to the zoo - I didnt go because I needed sleep and to deal with my hair) went to the salon, she fixed it - sorta I mean she can't give me back the hair she cut off now can she? - but it looks better and she felt bad and I felt bad so I just decided to stop feeling bad. did a little more scrapping, played with ellie a little, went to a party at my mom's work, got really drunk, ate too much - good thing it was a free day on the diet but still, too much even for that. Sunday, did pretty much nothing, we all just bummed around the house, playing Wii, scrapping, watching TV, etc.

this morning I got up at 6 and went running - did TWO laps! and I felt really good about it. did my hair, sorta like it - not love it, but I will live.

onto scrappy stuff, I finished: 12 layouts, 4 notebooks, 4 altered coasters, and 3 cards !! woohoo! I was a scrapping machine this weekend! Most of the pages are not my best work, but I had fun and that is what counts right?!

here is one that I made with the moxxie filly RAK that Janet sent me - loving this!! and I have a really great idea of what to do with the rest of it - just you wait! This is a super simple page. It is amazing how fast stuff comes together when you use a coordinating line! I wanted to keep it simple and allow the horse to shine. I cut around the front legs and slipped the photo underneath. Then I outlined the whole horse in brown pen to make it pop a little more. I thought the rub-on title was pretty perfect for us riding the horse at the zoo - can't get more urban than that really.


pictures2pages said...

12 layouts plus all the other stuff!!!! OMG you were a scrappin fool!!! glad you feel better about your hair.

teresamatz said...

wowsers, thats alot of scrappin

Shannon (Swell) said...

sorry about your hair, i hate when that happens. luckily it grows! that LO is so cute, love the title!

yeah i've been feelin the same way about being online. havent felt like scrappin too much or spending hours looking at scrappin but you're right, i still choose it over working!

AngelBear said...

WOW! You scrapped a lot. Sorry about your hair! Hope you get to like it soon!