Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day coffee filter flowers in altered vase

I saw these coffee filter flowers on pinterest and couldn't wait to make them. I have a ton of coffee filters laying around because I have switched to using my Keurig. This was a great fun way to use them up! Beware though, we made about twice this many flowers and it took a whole packaged of coffee filters. Each flower uses 5 filters. But they were super easy! All you need is filters, food coloring, wire and tape. I used some metal cake pans to dye them in, and they we spread them out on newspaper on the back patio to dry. Ellie, my 6 year old, even managed to create the flowers all by herself, including the folding, cutting and taping! I was so proud! (That's also why our flowers don't look uniform. I made some and she made some.)
I found this triangle shaped vase at Goodwill and altered it using white spray paint, some My Little Shoebox Keepsake papers and  Joy's Life stamps! The coffee filters flowers didn't turn out as bright as they look in the photos below. I had to tweak the color of the photos a little bit and wanted the altered vase to look just right, so the color of the flowers is a little bit off. The photo above looks more like the actual colors that we managed. I forgot the vinegar though. Apparently, just like with egg dye, if you add vinegar it makes the colors more intense.
Here is the side that my daughter designed. I let her choose the paper, then I cut it to fit. I also cut out the frame details that she wanted from the papers. She chose the elements and arranged them the way she wanted. She also stamped the 'thanks' sentiment and glued the smaller pieces to the large panel. This way she felt like she got to take part in the creation, but all the sides sort of match.
Here is a side view that shows two of the panels at the same time
and here is an up-close of the two Joy's Life stamps that I used. This one is from the Holiday Occasions set.
And this one is from the Tag You're It TWO set.
There are a lot of tutorials for these flowers out there. This is the one I used. Although, as you can see, I didn't follow the color guidelines like she suggested. We used every color - orange, pink, yellow, blue and purple. The blues and purples didn't turn out very well though. They look pink and white.


Danielle said...

Love this idea with the coffee filters! Great job on the vase too, very cute!!

Jingle said...

Absolutely adorable!