Monday, January 24, 2011

Leah's giving blog candy to Envious followers!

Check it out, Leah is giving away some blog candy to NVS followers, go to her blog HERE to see the deets. and while you are at it, if you haven't done it yet, check out the january challenge. She has the deets on that on her blog too.

in other news, I got my prize from pink paislee at it is AWESOME! I will be sharing the love around in the near future.
check it out - this is it!
and in still other news, and update from my weekend. I thought I was doing better on thursday after learning that I didn't make the webster's pages team on wedneday. But when it came time to scrap, I wasnt so sure. I procrastinated it a little. Then I finally made myself do it because the scrapbook nook was having an online crop. Well that just made it worse. I felt like I had to complete all of these layouts this weekend for the crop, and as I worked on them, not feeling the mojo at all, I was thinking WHAT am I doing this for! I am making layouts that I don't like. I am making myself do my hobby when I don't feel like it, and for what? So I stopped. Then I felt depressed. Then finally I said, 'screw it! I am going to scrap because I wanna scrap, and I am just going to play. I am not 'in it to win it' with
this Nook crop thing, and that's ok.' So I scrapped a little more. I played with my cricut (which I had had for about 6 months and never really took the time to learn how to use.) I played with my texture boutique and did some embossing. I dug through my scraps and pulled out things that I loved even though they weren't current and weren't going to win me anything. and it was good.

Here is a page that I am loving right now, from a sketch that I made for myself last week in anticipation of the crop. I am really into monochromatic and borders and textures right now. can ya tell? lol oh and this is some of the pink paislee stuff that was in that prize pack!


Teri/Scraptag said...


Mandi said...

Glad you were able to get yourself out of that funk! Fab layout, Meg!

Andrea Amu said...

OMG! What a neat textured page, girl! You did a fabulous job with it. But... I know what you mean about it being hard sometimes to get in the right frame of mind to scrap for fun! You showed that it can be done though, so no worries! ;)

And wadda prize pack! Whoa! Enjoy!

Alex said...

Sitting here, reading your post and nodding - so true! I didn't touch my papers for over a year because it got way too much... just not fun anymore! So this time I am taking it easy... I will try to think like you "screw it! I am going to scrap because I wanna scrap!" :-D Great advice and an amazing layout!

Charleyhz2boys said...

Hate it when the funk hits me....but it looks like you got out...great layout and that card is to die for!!!

Zarah said...

That yellow LO rocks my socks off! I am SO in love with it!!

Leah said...

That prize pack looks marvellous - I'm glad you got over your scrap funk and got back into it - it was worth it!