Thursday, January 13, 2011

a day late and a dollar short

well, I was planning this week to start a 'wordy Wednesday' or something - where I post something more than just a scrapbook project on Wednesday. Jess is doing a blog challenge over at ACOT and I have been wanting to do more with my blog. But, well, this has been one of THOSE weeks. So, I promise that every week won't be like this, but instead of following a prompt this week, I am just going to share the comedy of errors that is my life this week. Minus a few TMI details. (yeah there IS more than this)

Monday - turned on my computer at work and first thing, got a blue screen. I said, "this is NOT a good omen". boy was I right!

Tuesday - woke up with vertigo. I get it occasionally, but never this bad. It was so bad that I went to sit down on the toilet, missed, fell to the side and hit my head on the sink. Seriously? how do you DO that?! I sit down on a toilet multiple times every day. it should be automatic. Anyway, so needless to say, I didn't go to work. Driving didn't seem like a good idea, and I couldn't look at the computer without wanting to vomit. Spent the whole day sitting on the couch, sort of listening to the TV.

Wednesday - planned to work from home due to the snow. Was really looking forward to working in my PJ's. Ended up not getting much work done (only a few hours) and instead dealing with family drama until past my bedtime. THEN in the middle of the night, Ellie fell out of bed and hit her head. That has never happened before. So, we brought her in our bed for me to hold her until she stopped crying. Seth threw my body pillow out of the bed because it was too crowded. Put ellie back in her bed, went back to sleep, only to be awakened some time later by the dog whining because she couldn't get into the bed because the body pillow was in the way!

Thursday - woke up late, and tired, from all the activity the night before. HA! that sounds like it would be a good thing, but in this case, far from it. Raced out of the house, got 3/4 of the way to work (which is a 45 min drive BTW) and realized that I had left my work computer at home! Had to turn around and go back for it! (luckily seth brought it and met me part way so I didnt have to go ALL the way home, but still)

So, despite all that, I am in a good mood. How weird is that?! Yeah I lost two personal days, and it is only January, but whatever, it's almost funny. right? you are laughing, right?

Ok, because I think every blog post should have a photo, I got my prize from the Webster's Pages December digital challenge - which was a gift certificate to the digital store at Webster's. I, of course, jumped at the chance to get the new Spring Market stuff. And I couldnt help staring at it at work and a card just jumped into my head. I can't wait to make some pages, but for now, this gave me the fix I needed. I put glossy accents on the boots, because, they just looked like they were screaming to be shiny. I took this photo before the glossy accents had dried completely. So I can't tell if the ink of the boots bled (since I printed them on my printer) or if that is just the not totally dried glossy accents making them look less than crisp. Anyway, everything on this card, except the cardstock, the ribbon, the chipboard little frame and the letter stickers, are Webster's Pages digital elements that I printed out and cut up. The green frame around the boots is from the Life's Portrait collection. I changed the color a little to make it match this collection. I also used pop dots under the boots, and the striped piece.


anazelia said...

sorry your week has been less than good. love that card.

Sandy said...

That's quite a week - glad you are letting it roll off your shoulder. LOVE the card!

ScrapGoo said...

Oh man, I hate the blue screen of death! Sorry it was a rough week but I loved the post. Beautiful card, too!