Friday, January 30, 2009

YMBD all about the bucks crop this weekend!

check it out - here is part of the info that Cat posted in the forum - precrop challenges have already been posted and the official crop starts tonight. EVERYONE can get bucks. If you play, you are guaranteed to get some bucks! See the details below and in the thread here.

Our official crop kick-off is 7pm EST, Friday January 30th!

Welcome to our "It's all about the Bucks" Winter Online Crop! In this thread you will find all the information you need to help you make the most out of this crop. But if you have a question that is not answered in this post, please feel free to ask it here!

Deadline for Submissions is Midnight EST on Tuesday, February 3rd
For this crop, you may NOT combine challenges.

YMBD Bucks
You are completing challenges for the purpose of earning YMBD Bucks. Your Bucks will be issued when the final tally has been taken after the submission deadline. You are responsible for keeping track (a tally) of the Bucks you earn during the crop. If you fail to keep a proper tally, you may miss out on some Bucks being issued to you, so it is important for you to keep track of your challenges. YMBD Bucks can be converted to shop Gift Cerficates to purchase what YOU want in the YMBD Shop, at the rate of 1000 Bucks = $1.00 USD.

How the Bucks are Calculated
There are four ways you can earn Bucks during this online crop. They are as follows:

Sign-in: A sign-in thread will posted at 7pm EST at the kick-off of our crop on Friday, Jan 30th. You will have all weekend to pop into this thread to sign-in and say hello. So even if you can't crop with us during the weekend, pop in and say hi anyway and you'll earn 100 YMBD Bucks!

Pre-Crop Challenges: There will be three pre-crop challenges posted (28th, 29th, 30th) in the morning. Each pre-crop challenge on it's own is worth nothing. But complete all 3 pre-crop challenges by the crop deadline (Tuesday, Feb 3rd) and you will receive 1000 YMBD Bucks!

Daily DT Challenges: Each day of the crop (Fri/Sat/Sun), our six DT members will each post a "Daily Challenge" (this amounts to 6 challenges/day for a total of 18 challenges). Each Challenge you complete will earn you 250 YMBD Bucks. Complete all 18 Challenges by the deadline and your total earnings would be 4500 Bucks .... but WAIT ... if you DO complete ALL 18 challenges by the deadline we will bump up your total to 5000 YMBD Bucks (that's $5 to spend in the YMBD Shop)!

Bonus Challenges/Games: Each DT Member has been authorized to give away 5000 YMBD Bucks throughout the crop weekend. They've either chosen to do this via Bonus Challenges or Games. Look for their threads titled "Bonus Challenge/Game" to get your hands on these big chunks of Bucks! Instructions for how to earn these big bucks are posted at the end of each of their threads (read and follow their instructions carefully as each member's Bonus Challenge/Game may differ from the other).

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