Friday, January 2, 2009

some WW thoughts and a new goal

So I just thought of a new scrapbooking goal. With everyone talking about how many pages they made in 2008 and how many they would like to make in 2009, I got to thinking about something I read. someone - sorry I dont remember who - said that they keep all of their scrapbook page pictures in one folder to make them easy to find and then she could count them using the computer. What a great idea! I thought that at the time, but it was like Dec and I thought - um too late. But - duh - not for next year! so that is my new resolution - to put all of the photos that I take of my projects and pages into my newly created 'Scrapbook projects 2009' folder. THEN I can count them and find them easily!

ok onto weight watchers stuff - a quick recap:
My new years eve was nice. We went to applebees and I had dinner and dessert and stayed on plan, then I splurged and used some flex points for a martini. I left feeling satisfied, spoiled and not guilty! then I stayed up and scrapbooked until midnight. Dh was up til midnight too. We kissed,then I went to bed.

Yesterday I put away the Christmas decorations, did some online scrapbooking stuff that I needed to get done, then scrapbooked most of the day while I listened to my book on cd that I got from the library. I was so enthralled with the scrapbooking adn the book that I forgot to eat! I ended the day about 7 points UNDER plan! AND I had a brie and carmelized onion quesadilla that I made for myself for lunch - all in all another spoiled but satisfied and not guilty day!

now, today is another story. We are getting ready to go to Disney on Ice with my in laws and I am looking forward to it, but the show is at 11, so I dont know what is going to happen about lunch, and I know I cant eat anything at the show, so I am going to pack a granola bar or something, then later we have dinner at my in laws and that has its own set of problems - challah bread, appetizers, drinks. so, yeah today is going to be tough.

I guess staying home without anything to do makes it a little easier to stay on plan. wish me luck!

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scrapwordsmom said...

I can be so ON and then go somewhere!! Sounds like you are doing great, Meg. We are going to Applebee's tonight for a just us night out. They always have such great options there!!