Monday, December 29, 2008

No, I didnt drop off the face of the earth

I am in fact still alive and kicking and planning to continue blogging and scrapping and all that fun stuff. So, you might wonder, what important things have kept me from blogging and otherwise sharing my scrapping? Well, of course there is the holidays. But mostly I think I was just in a funk. It happens to me on a rather frequent basis - a couple times a year anyway - where I just dont feel like talking to people or otherwise being social. Now, you might be thinking - well what does that have to do with blogging, blogging is really the LEAST social way to be social right? and in fact a lot of people blame online communications with the degradation of 'normal' social interaction. But to me its all the same. When I write, I sort of imagine that I am talking to you all, so if I am feeling down and just in general like not talking, then I dont really get the desire to write.

Ok, with that disclaimer out of the way, what have I been up to? well there is the trip to key west. We went for 4 days and had a blast! Ellie just wanted to swim in the pool and play in the sand. But we made her go to the aquarium and the butterfly conservatory, both of which she enjoyed. We also went to dinner a bunch of times and had some really great food. Then we flew home on Christmas eve and went to my parents house where we did the traditional gift of pjs, leave out cookies for santa, then go to bed. In the morning we opened presents, then had breakfast - pancakes and bacon - then opened more presents and played with them. We played a lot of Wii because my parents got some fun new games. Then Lins came over with her kids and we opened more presents, made cookies, played more games, made gingerbread houses, and I drank a whole lot.

Friday we went home and relaxed for a little while before going over to Sherry and Bob's for a Hannukkah celebration. Latkes, candles, and MORE PRESENTS. Sat we had breakfast with Seth's grandfather, before going to my grandparent's house for MORE PRESENTS.This time we got one - a grill! Sunday we tried to recooperate and clean and organize a little before going over to Seth's parents for the last night of Hanukkah and even MORE PRESENTS!!

Oh and lest you think that it is over because Hannukkah is over - think again! Next week we will have another hanukkah celebration with the whole family since some of them were traveling. Yep, my kid is spoiled just a little bit.

So, on my recooperating day, what did I do? I cleaned and scrapped! I put away all my new scrap stuff in my new scrap organizer and scrapped a few layouts.

I had a tough time getting the mojo flowing since it had been a while, but it did and here are a couple.

Sorry for the slightly blurry pictures. These are for my Scrapbook Dreamer Dec reveal. The first is using the Fancy pants stuff and the second is 3 bugs in a rug.




Colleen said...

Love the layouts and it sure sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy! Hope the fact that you're back blogging means you're feeling a little better and getting out of that funk too!

Nikki Love said...

the layouts look great and so glad to see you back in the swing of things online :D