Monday, December 29, 2008

Here's an idea

Make your own low fat kettle corn.

Ok, so you might not know that I am on a diet. I joined weight wathcers yesterday. So, I am starving, and someone on the weight watchers board suggested that I eat a bag of 94% fat free kettle corn for a nice filling low point snack. Well I have buttery kettle corn in my desk - NOT 94% fat free, but I do have some 100 calorie packs that are fat free. but darn it, I want kettle corn. So I popped one of the bags (that is worth ZERO points mind you! ) and I sprinkled the popped corn with salt and splenda. YUM! it was so good that I was sitting here sucking on the unpopped kernels. I am seriously considering having another bag, but I probably shouldnt. it IS zero points, but I should save one for tomorrow, and maybe have an apple instead.

Anyway, so yeah, I joined weight watchers. wish me luck.

now onto books. So I read the Twilight series and loved it, (not so much the movie), and I love TrueBlood, and I have loved vampire romance in the past so I looked up some new books. Read the first two books of the Nora Roberts circle trilogy (seth just got the third on cd from the library for me - yay seth - you rock!) and I got Zen and the ARt of Vampires at the airport and LOVED it. unfortunatly the sequel doesnt come out until May, but there are other vampire books by the same author - Katie McAllister, so I have one on order from the library. now I guess I just have to figure out how - now that the holiday break and vacation are over - how I am going to actually find time to READ. I mean, I did just commit to workout too! hmmm, any ideas from the peanut gallery?

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scrapwordsmom said...

I love your kettle corn idea!! You don't know how many times I have scarfed down a bag of that!!:)

You are into vampires-huh? Do you think I'd like any of them?? I love them, too.