Tuesday, September 16, 2008

been mia

I know, I have been away for a while. I know that lots of people stopped reading this when I stopped posting. Makes sense I guess. What have I been up to? I guess I have been a little down lately. Stressing about Seth being back in school full time. Ellie is in preschool full time. I just never seem to have enough hours in the day and on top of all that, I kinda lost my mojo! It happens to the best of us, so I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I blame it on the craft show. My mom and I are trying to be in a craft show or two, and whenever I try to think of things that someone would want to buy from me, I just get depressed. I do my art for myself, so it is really hard to imagine what other people might want. Then I guess another part of it is that I start wondering why would people ever want to buy stuff from me?! what do I have to offer? then I get depressed and just plain dont want to scrap.

Yep, so there it is. Anyway, I think I am starting to get a handle on it. It is always like this when I try something new. So I am not going to give up, I just need to find a groove - both with my new schedule and with my scrapping to sell.

Some things I have been making - halloween wall hangings, packs of cards, explosion boxes and these cute journals. I LOVE making these, but I think I am going to stop making them, they just take too long and I can't charge enough money to make back my supplies and time. Although I am not really trying to make back a lot of time - I know I can't charge like $10 an hour because I put a lot of time into things, but I would like to get a couple bucks an hour anyway. Plus, like Seth said, can't you just buy notebooks? so yeah, I love them but I dont think they are really a great idea for the sale. Here they are though. The bigger one I made to accommodate the Fancy Pants large journaling cards as dividers. The small one was made from the scraps of paper and chipboard that I had to cut to make the bigger one. I also made one for myself and that was SOOOOO much fun! I will have to show you that later. I put patterned paper pages in, and used deco scissors and ink on the edges of some of those. I probably wont write on them, but they make me happy, so why not?!




What else is new? I have been slacking on all of my DT duties - sorry guys. But I am determined to get back into it as of now! There was a crop this weekend at YMBD and at 2 Scrappy Chix. I totally forgot to post it here and announce it, but they were fun - I stopped by a few times.

And now there is an elimination contest going on at Dreamer - Dream youre a scrap star! I love these contests! I can't actually participate in this one but it is so much fun to watch! the first challenge was posted yesterday.

Oh and I am in the Bad Girls top designer contest. I thought about dropping out since I have been stressed and depressed, and I really dont need something else on my plate, but I had so much fun last year and maybe this is just what I need to kick my own butt! I have to do pages for myself for the top designer assignments because you can't use DT stuff and you can't post your pages anywhere else, so it is kind of refreshing in a way - not being able to multitask my pages. I posted last week's page and I made it to the next round. This week the challenge is to use at least two different patterned papers. That is such an easy challenge for me, its ridiculous! I mean, I use lots of PPs on all my pages. But of course, just doing the challenge isnt enough, it has to be a good well presented page. So, I will be putting my thinking cap back on and trying to get some mojo flowing.

Last but not least, I just signed up with Alyssa at YMBD to do a challenge to lose 20lbs by Christmas. Anyone who joins the challenge and succeeds will get RAKs from all the other participants. I totally need to do this! I had planned to start running this week then I had a migraine and then today I was just lazy, so this is going to be my kick in the rear. Come over and join us if you want. We capped the participants at 5 because I can't afford to send that many raks, but so far it is just the 2 of us and we could use some more support.

Oh and if you have any ideas for Christmas like altered items, ornaments, gifts, etc. that I could make for my craft show (instructions, or links to instructions or photos are preferred but not necessary) - leave me a comment. I will draw a name on Saturday and send a RAK to the winner.


Kimmie said...

Hi Meg, sorry you have been down. {{HUGS}}}

Home made ornaments, for ex Pinecone ornaments are always a hit.

Altered composition books


pre-made card kits (provide everything including instructions on making your own with examples!)

Alyssa said...

I saw a pic of a wreath made with clothespins apinted green (that is used to display all of the christmas cards received that year. I thought that was a great idea!

Looking forward to the weight loss challenge! We can do it!!

Shawnsgirl315 said...

Although non-traditional, I know handmade crafts that use themes from NFL teams are usually popular- ornaments, cards, altered stuff. Hope you find something to get you back on your roll.

Suzanne said...

Aww, Megan, sorry you're down in the dumps. Me too, if it makes you feel any better. Mojoless here also, so no good suggestions on projects for your craft shows. I'll try to think tho... WAIT! I've been reading since I've been mojoless. Bookmarks??

Andrea said...

How about a button tree? You take one of those small foam tree shapes that you can get at any craft store (and come in a range of sizes) and you either stick buttons in with pins or hot glue them on. Do it in christmas colors or to match your decor!!!


Scrappydog said...

Megan, your altered books are gorgeous! Quick and easy is important for crafting shows. I think having something different and new will re-energize you. You have a lot on your plate and doing quick and easy is important for the craft show so you can get your money back, at least in your supplies. We've talked so I'm so totally excited for you and you are going to do great.

I hope you are feeling better soon and maybe getting ready with your mom for the shows will give you some positive energy as you work on new quick and easy project to sell.

Hugs to you! donna

Sandy said...

Oh Meg - Mojo will return soon! Just think - if it was always with you - you may not appreciate it as much. As for crafts... Paper pieced Christmas Cards? New Year's Cards... with lots of stamping? Hope this helps a bit. Your books are fabulous.

Jennajay1999 said...

I've bought lots of advent calendars over the years, but my favorite I picked up at a craft show - it used a muffin tin and had magnets to hold a piece over the cup part. You hid candy there.
I don't have a picture as I gave it away :)

{kristie d. photography} said...

Hi.. I totally understand about being busy with life.. I just moved into a new house and with in a week a ton of other stuff happened too.. I thought I would never get back to my regular life again!!! but it's all fine now.. Anway.. Here is an idea for you.. I have a door hanger that is made using canvas from hobby lobby. It's got a big ole wooden letter for my last name on it but you can put a santa or some other kind of Christmas something on it.. then it's got flowers made from soda cans!! It's really cute and they have been selling like crazy here in the south!!! I see them everywhere now!!! If you want to see a pic you can email me my emial is on my blog.. I have no idea how to put a pic on here!! LOL

Nicole said...

Ornaments always sell at craft fairs. I have seen them made from CDs. Very cute! The garlands are also a hit. I also saw somewhere, if I think of it I will PM you on WT, using old clear packaging and altering them into ornaments. Hope you get your mojo back!

Debbi T said...

I'm not much of an altered-artsy scrapper, but I always find inspiration at Jenni Bowlin's site. Here is a link to some Christmas stuff: http://www.jennibowlin.com/create.asp?Month=12

Zoa said...

Aww Megan- I know what it is like to be in a "funk" I hope you come out of it soon!! I wish you luck in the Bg contest- as it turns out, I am not doing it after all- I lost track of time and I am just too busy!!

Good luck with your craft show also- I don't really have many ideas for you- other than packaged sets of Christmas Cards- I know I would buy them!!! Have a great week! **hugs**

Christi said...

I like the idea of alter note stacks! You can find cheap ones at the dollar spot at Target and use your old stash of pp and add fun stuff to the box or tray it comes in!

amandanewton said...

Okay I had a whole post here and it didn't post...stupid wordpress! :0S

I understand what you're going through being so busy and not having enough hours in the day...I wish I had another 3 or 4 in my day at least!!

As for the craft show ideas, I would suggest door hangers, christmas cards, journals with altered ribbon pens, coaster books [I have tons if you need some!]...And I like the kit ideas...I would suggest layout kits too...then you can appeal to the scrapbookers that come to the show too...JMHO! Good luck with the creating! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

KimmyKimKim said...

Sorry that you haven't been feeling the best! Your work is really funky and cool and I am sure you will be a bit hit at the craft sales.

For altered items I have done quite a few this past year.
I like to make ready made cookie mix in mason jars. I have tons of recipes for these and there are tons online. Really they are inexpensive to make (if you make a bunch) and the biggest trick is just having all the stuff ready before you start. Then you scrap a tag to attach to the jar with the baking instructions. These make great hostess and teacher gifts.

Melanie said...

One thing I did last Christmas was purcahse glass baubles and using Making Memories glitter stickers I wrote all our names on the balls. I seen these advertised for $14.95 each in town and it cost me around $10 to make 4.

Also if you can find clear baubls, rip up some paper and roll it and insert it in there and it looks amazing. Your can also use buttons, glitter etc and it looks wonderful.

I hope your mojo comes back to you, please don't think people won't buy the handmade items as you create such beautiful creations.

croppin carla said...

Wow lots of news here. I know how you feel with the MOJO....we are trying to get ready for a garage sale...and things are so hectic.....but I want to get back into my scrap room.
Craft shows are tuff...and lots of work. Good luck with that.