Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 recap / best of

Everyone seems to be posting their top 10 layouts from 2011. I love that idea and have done so in the past but this year I am feeling more grateful for the goals that I have achieved. (Plus a lot of my favorite creations are out for publication, so I can't share them.)

so here is a brief review of my 2011

Scrappy 2011
Goals: My scrap goals for 2011 were to submit more, work on my card making skills, work on my photography and get back to enjoying myself.

  • I submitted A LOT! I am proud to say that that new years resolution was a resounding success. I made myself submit something every month, and actually turned it into a habit. I also had a lot of success from it - getting my first ever print publication in the Fall issue of Scrapbook and Cards today, and a total of 13 - THIRTEEN projects picked up for publication, most of which will be coming out in the spring.
  • I also worked on my card making skills a lot. That was a resounding success also, combining with the first resolution to result in numerous card publications. Additionally, I have come to really ENJOY card making, possibly more than layouts at this point. 
  • My photography skills improved, but that is still a work in progress. I took a class and learned a lot. I started working with manual mode and got a new camera for Christmas. So, I believe this will be a resolution for 2012 as well. 
  • I have not totally left the politics and pressure behind, (lord knows there have been some rocky patches in those areas of scrapping in 2011) but I have gotten back to finding what I love about this art. To beat a dead horse, the card making seems to have helped with that. Card making allows me to play sometimes and not put too much pressure on myself about it. If I mess up a card, it's just one small card, not a big layout and accompanying photos. 
Personal 2011
Goals: workout more, stress less, be happy
Result: not nearly as successful as the scrapping resolutions
  • Working out has been rocky. I succeeded in running a 10 mile race in the spring, but managed to hurt my ankle. Recovery took a while and when I started running again, I hurt my knee. It has been on again off again ever since. This will be a 2012 resolution as well. 
  • Stressing less is REALLY hard for me. I have pretty much managed to conquer my road rage, which is a pretty big step since I drive a lot. However, the yoga, pilates and meditation have been on again off again with only marginal success. Again, I will continue working on this.
  • Being happy is closely related to the stress for me, and so this year has been rocky in that respect as well. However, the end has been looking up! I definitely feel that I am ending this year on a high note.
In other news this year:
  • Ellie learned to read
  • Seth started Pharmacy school
And now, because I can't resist, a few of my favorite creations from this year. I already shared the calendar. So here are my other favorite altered items:
Imaginisce Advent Calendar
Altered Dress Form

And here are a couple favorite cards:
I will be back with favorite layouts in the next day or so.

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scrapwordsmom said...

Sounds like your goals were met in so many areas!! I am soooo happy for you on all your publishing:) I always knew you would be!!!

Happy 2012, Meg!!!!