Friday, October 22, 2010

Short News Update

I know Ive been just throwing up those Nook U layouts and nothing else. So here is a quick update on what is new in my life.

1. I was sick all last week. So, naturally things are busier than normal getting caught up.

2. I got back in touch with a really great old friend and we are like automatic best friends again. It's super awesome and at the same time sort of twilight zone-y. So I am spending a lot of time right now getting caught up with him on the things we missed over the last 10 years. If we were such great friends, why didn't we talk for 10 years? Well it's a bit of a long story, but suffice it to say we lost touch and have each been looking for the other for YEARS but I went and changed my name, and he apparently just doesn't have much of an easily accessible online presence.

3. Ellie's birthday party is this weekend, so Ive been getting things ready for that. Next weekend we are going to Washington D.C. for the Restoring Sanity rally, (and to see the above mentioned friend) and then on Halloween we have 4 events to go to - our day is blocked off in 2 hour increments. So yeah things are busy.

4. Crop coming up at ACOT. on the first weekend in November. I will be teaching a class and of course there will be lots of challenges and prizes.

5. Seth had some family in from out of town -- WAY out of town. and last weekend half of my Sunday was taken up with a mad cleaning frenzy.

6. Still running and doing Pilates. I am doing a 5k the second weekend in November and I think I am going to be ready! go me! can you believe I am a runner?! I sure can't. Havent lost any weight though - but it will come.

Guess that's it! I hope to be doing some scrapping this weekend.

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Sarah said...

You are busy! How do you do it all, girl?! :)
Congrats on the running- I've always thought it would be cool to be a runner, but alas, I don't like exercise. LOL! :) Have a great weekend!