Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the beauty of ups trucks

my thought for the day is about ups trucks.

picture a line of ups trucks winding down the circular on-ramp to the highway in the morning on their way to start deliveries.

There is a major UPS distribution facility somewhere near the turnpike interchange that I use to get to work each morning. I see the string of ups trucks somewhat regularly and it makes me happy.

how weird is that? I picture myself in a music montage of a ups commercial or of a movie where one of the characters is a truck driver. I think about how modern our world is and how well things work (when they are working) and how it is pretty much a wonder that the packages can go anywhere in a day. For that matter, how much of a wonder it is that there are hundreds of cars exiting (like me) and entering and just continuing on the highway, and how they pretty much all just move on their merry way not thinking about the other drivers much and yet not hitting each other. (if we are lucky that is) And then I think about the packages, ah the packages. What wonderful surprises are in those trucks?!

Yep, I admit it, Im strange.


scrapwordsmom said...

Dave used to empty those trucks everyday while he was in college.

I am kinda like you...whenever I hear the truck in the neighborhood I wonder what wonderful surprise is being dropped off...secretly wishing I had something on their for me!

Marlene said...

I used to look forward to the "brown santa". Not so much the other day, when they dropped off a $500 piece of furniture in my driveway and left it there without even ringing the doorbell. (I was home the whole day, and only noticed it was there when I let the dog out.) Grrrrr.

Sorry I pee'd in your cheerios. :)

jaspertoes said...

Not strange at all, Megan. I love seeing the UPS man also. Even my husband doesn't mind when he gets woke up by the UPS man (third shift worker) since he has been getting a few toys.
Gotta love them, especially when they start wearing their brown shorts. LOL