Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday thoughts

yep, I missed Tuesday so today you get thoughts.

orange juice + milk = orange milkshake?

hmm, sounds gross to me, but its what ellie wanted after her dr appt this morning - just to be checked up since she has a cold, before going away for spring break

what else, hmmm - its a reminiscing day, thinking about old friends, trying to find em online, failing miserably. (again)
Ellie did a pretty good job last night with the 4 questions. At the first seder she was really shy but it was probably because she had a fever. Last night it was much more crowded than the first night and yet she stood up and bravely sang all she knows (the first 2) and tried to get the others.

nothing, profound today really, just wow - it is wednesday and it feels like thursday? friday maybe but there isnt the joy of friday. I guess it has just been a long long long week. and it's only Wed!

I said goodbye to Ellie this morning and wont see her for the next 8 days! eek! last year this didnt bother my as much, dont know why it does so much now. you'd think it would be less because she is older and weve been there done that.

freezing! my hands are like numb. mmm coffee. I dont even really want to drink it, just have it warm my hands.

anyhoo - that's it, sorry its rather boring, but hey there is a photo - that makes everything better right?


scrapwordsmom said...

Ellie is just darling!!! Is she hanging out at Grandma's?

Marlene said...

She's adorable....and evidently has a stomach like cast iron. I can't imagine orange juice and milk together! ICK!

Jamie Lane said...

The drink doesn't sound so wonderful, but she is so, so cute!

Marcie said...

Sounds like she made a dreamsicle! She's getting so big!