Monday, March 15, 2010

Thoughts of the Day

1. I downloaded an audio book from the library, but the file format is so bizarre that I can't get it to play on my mp3 player OR my iphone - despite the fact that it is supposed to play on an iPod. So, the solution? plug my laptop into the audio in cord in my car and pretend that it is a really big mp3 player. Is this cool, or ridiculous? One of my co-workers likened it to just taking a phonograph with me, but I think its pretty neat, it takes one step out of the process after all, I dont have to figure out how to get it from my computer to my mp3 player. On the other hand, Im not positive that it will work, but it should. We'll see on my drive home tonight.

2. The topic: Gabourey Sidibe, the very large actress from the movie Precious, who was nominated for an Oscar. On the radio this morning I heard that she has been propositioned by a weight loss company to try their product for a year and then be their spokesperson (if it works). In another article last week I read a discussion about how her weight will almost definitely adversely affect her role options and future career despite the fact that pretty much everyone agrees that she is tremendously talented. While I was digesting these news stories I thought, "wow that must really hurt her. I mean surely she knows that she is hugely obese but still, to have people discussing it like that - ouch. But on the other hand, maybe it will be a motivator to her to be more healthy, it isnt like they are bashing her or anything." THEN this morning the radio hosts played a game for Black Eyed Peas tickets called 'Which weighs more Precious or..." they compared her to THREE Lindsay Lohans (Gabby weighs more) and two Kirstie Alley's at her highest weight (Gabby weighed less). I was just appalled.

3. Why am I posting random thoughts instead of scrapbook pages. Well, I used to only post scrapbook pages because I figured that is all my followers want to see. But then I began to feel kind of blah about my blog. Lately Ive just been posting my newest creation with links to challenges and moving on. Then I realized that some of the blogs I follow, I chose because not only do they have awesome scrappy works, but they have some other 'something' that I like to read sometimes. So, Im trying something new. Let me know if you hate it. But it wont always be as, um, deep as this. This just happens to be what was on my mind today.


Marlene said...

Love it!!! Love reading what people are thinking! It inspires me. :)

Oooh....I get so tired of people making fun of obesity. I'm sure most of these people didn't choose to be that way. I agree that they should try to lose weight for the sake of their health - but to compare that actress in such a nasty just pure evil. I hope she sits on the perpetrators and flattens 'em. Yeah, I said it.

Colleen said...

Yeah, trust me in saying being overweight is a constant battle that everyone has their own issues with, but they really are "issues".

And as for the random, I personally like it!!

Sandy said...

hahaha about the laptop! Ooh - Precious... haven't seen it yet, but I want to. I have a low tolerance level for any type of bias. Love hearing your thoughts or experiences.

scrapwordsmom said...

Howdy, Megan!! I feel terrible that i haven't stopped by in forever. I'm putting a link on my sidebar so I can keep in touch!!