Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Warrior!

Wow, this weekend was in a word - INSANE! Not to bore you, since I know you dont want to hear all the details but here is a quick run-down. I had Friday off, so ...

Friday: drop Ellie off at school, go to Target for a b-day present, dr appt for me, read my book for an hour or two, pick ellie up and take her to the dentist, bookstore to kill time while the flouride on her teeth sets, ice cream for being a good girl at the dentist - LOL - how ironic is that?! home to make Challah, read a little more because I just HAD to finish up the book. Bed.

Sat: trim bushes out front, reorganize some things in the kitchen (a drawer and two shelves so that maybe we can use the kitchen table as a table instead of an extension of the pantry), pick up dog poop, fun right?! and there was lots because we slacked over the winter. Clean off all the flower beds and pots in the back yard, plant a couple of flowers that ellie got at the flower show, plant peas, wash cars and all the outside toys, shower, laundry, put ALL my scrapbook pages (like 100+) into albums (dont ask what prompted me to do that), go to bed.

Sun: wake up sore from weeding so much (I weed at warp speed), time change messes me up and we are almost late for the birthday party. I was really nervous because I didnt know anyone, but I am so happy that I met some nice people and learned a few things about the other kids in Ellie's class and the teachers. Ellie had a great time! Until she threw up in the car on the way home that is. I think it was car sickness, and I guess it was my fault for not expecting it, I mean I get car sick too, but she never has. She was looking down and playing with the wipe off board that was the party favor, and I took a back road and next thing you know - ewwww! So disgusting! She hasnt thrown up since she was a baby, and even then not much (guess she gets that from her mom too) but let me say - ewwwww! I miss the baby vomits because toddler is nasty! So when we got home she took a bath and seth hosed off the car seat and we put the cover in the wash. Then I went out to Kohls because I wanted to get something new to wear to the Girl's night out this Friday night. and seth needed jeans. Kohls was PACKED! I tried on half the store it seemed, but finally ended up with a jacket and sleeveless shirt. I dont know if I am going to wear a black skirt or jeans - have to find out how dressy the place we are going is. but man shopping in those kinds of crowds is tiring. I came home exhausted but we needed to make Hammantaschen since I made the dough last weekend. So we made the cookies then I used teh leftover poppy seeds to make biscuits, then I took a short nap, then we went to Sangkee with my in laws, then home to put ellie to bed - she wanted to do some of the pages in her letters book, then seth and I had to fold like 6 loads of laundry. then I erased the marks from about 20 pages of the book (so we can do it again after we finish, since she needs the practice holding the pencil) then bed.

Mon: well I slept like death. Ellie woke up to go potty and got pee everywhere, around 4 am. Then I ignored the alarm, and we were almost late to school. I decided to take the day off of work and go to teh Purim show, Ellie was thrilled that I went, so I am glad I did. I brought Seth's Bubby and Earl too. Then I forgot to pack her a lunch because I thought they were having a party after the show which I assumed would have food. Oh well I picked her up after the show and now we are home, she is watching TV and I have to get to work for at least a few hours.

so, here are a couple of scrapboook pages from last weekend, since I didnt do any this weekend:

This is Ellie dancing at Mickey's backyard BBQ in disney world. This was for a couple of challenges. including to use the song 'Vogue' in a layout, so I thought these pics were perfect.

the frame thing is tattered angels with alcohol ink, and stickles on it. over a maya road sheer and a flower.


the challenge for this one was an ad. I stayed pretty true to the ad, but I wrote more than I expected and I dont like how this ended up looking bottom heavy.


this one was a lift from a memory makers magazine. It looks crooked here - the pink scallops, but they arent really, that is from how I cropped the photo of the page in photoshop.


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