Sunday, March 1, 2009

Creativity and a great weekend!

First the prompt of the week from Scrapperie is "what does creativity mean to you?". I dont usually post from prompts but this one just sort of spoke to me. To me creativity is a way of living your life. Creativity isnt just painting or drawing, or even crafting, it is more about having an open mind, being flexible and able to think outside the box on a daily basis. I use scrapbooking as my main creative outlet, to more or less keep my creative muscles in shape (and to relieve stress but that's not the question of the day) but I also feel like I live my life creatively. I solve problems creatively, play with my daughter creatively, and I had another example but I just forgot it because Ellie just requested that Seth play her "Paper Planes" again. LOL! that cracks me up, it is not a kids song in any way shape or form, in fact there are a couple questionable words in it, but they are hard to understand so I dont mind her listening to it, still we need to get her interested in some other songs.

Ok, so this weekend. Well yesterday I scrapbooked all day because it was the last day of February and I wanted to try and finish up my pages for the Fantastic February at Scrapperie and the 5th Anniversary party at Scrapbook Dreamer, and a couple pages for YMBD and a couple for ACOT. Yeah I know, I keep busy. But I guess it sort of goes back to creativity - I find that I cant really scrapbook without a challenge, and I love combining them. Its like having some parameters to narrow down the possibilities allows me to be more creative in the way I meet those parameters. Without some 'rules' there are just so many possibilities that I could stand there for hours deciding which paper to start with. Ok, that's an exaggeration, but still you get the point.

Ok so since I scrapbooked all day yesterday - well not all day becasue I did do some sand art with ellie, and clean a little and have lunch, and do like 8 loads of laundry. Anyway, so today I had a girls day with ellie, we painted our toenails and ellie wanted her nails painted, and then we went to the Please Touch Musuem, and then to wendy's for a snack, then shopping for shoes, then to the Game Stop where I bought Dance Dance Revlution for me to workout with. I have wanted it for a while, and been not buying it and I just caved. We also got ellie two pairs of shoes at payless. then we made two apple pies as a family, then ordered pizza - lol - the irony!

anyway here are a couple pages for you:




jaspertoes said...

cute layouts and card

Marcie said...

Great designs Megan, you sure have been busy!

Sandy said...

Nice job on the layouts and the card. Yes - creativity can impact all facets of life. I'm glad it does with you! When my sons were young, we made up funny stories together. Both of them still remember...