Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I haven't been keeping up with this blog, because I have been writing at Scrapwords, but I have decided that I will start keeping up with this one too. I will just attach the comments I make at SW to the bottom so that I dont have to repeat myself, if something is repeated.

Now for today, the word is pretty much the same as it was yesterday at SW. I am still sick, and I am still really busy. Work is busy, and home is busy. I have to make up time at work and we have a deadline, PLUS I have to get some stuff together for a consignment sale that I am contributing to, at a local church. It has to be to them by Thurs evening, so I have to get a move on, but I just dont have any time!! So with that, I gotta go to a meeting.

from Scrapwords:

20 Aug, 2007

Wow - we had a really crappy weekend in my house. Both me and DH were really sick. He had a fever and I lost my voice and we both just generally felt like total crap all weekend. Ellie was doing so much better, and annoyed at her parents for being no fun. So I dont have much to share from this weekend. I got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING done. And now I am back at work, still coughing up a storm, I have a sinus headache and still pretty much feel like crap, but we have a deadline. So I am here for a minute, but I gotta go. Just wanted to say hi. I will stop by on my breaks, but I dont have much to contribute since I am just trying to recover.

Hope everyone else had a better weekend!

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