Monday, June 18, 2007

summer cold!

So, I came down with a cold last night. This ALWAYS happens to me when I start a new diet. I dont know why. My husband thinks it is all in my head, but well it is all in my head - the cold that is! It makes it really difficult to stick with the plan. This week is going to be even worse than the times in the past that have led to my diet failure. This weekend I am having a birthday party for DH. So I have to work 44 hours this week (it is my week to NOT have friday off) and get ready for the party, and even though I only work 9 hours a day, I drive an hour and a half every day, so with lunch that is up to 11, and now I am sick! UGH!
Oh, and did I mention that Ellie is sick too?! Yep, she got a runny nose on Friday and DH was saying - oh it is just allergies. With him EVERYTHING is allergies. I keep telling him (for years now) that I dont have seasonal allergies, but he wont believe me. Every time I get a cold he says it is allergies. Whatever, I have gotten over worrying about it. I guess it doesnt really matter. A runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sore throat etc, is a pain whether it is allergies or not. (If a fever comes along then he will admit that it is not allergies. )
Oh and, I couldnt sleep last night even though I took Nyquil. That is really strange for me, because usually I sleep like a log as soon as my head hits the pillow, and with Nyquil, I am usually out for like 10 hours! So, I figured if I couldnt sleep, I may as well get up and go to work. I almost went to work at 4:30, but managed to stay in bed until 5. Then of course, I almost fell asleep in the car on the expressway! And the whole time I am thinking, "ok when I get to work I will take a little nap" then I get to work and I can't fall asleep. Weird! My head is just stuffy enough, and my eyes are just sore enough that I feel like I need to sleep but I can't. UGH!

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MsGrace said...

Hey Megan...don't forget to send us an email with your snail mail addy & we will get our RAK out to you for guessing the scrapdragon surprise!!

If you wanna email me a picture of yourself we will add it along with your blog link.

Lok forward to seeing what you create for challenge #2