Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Halloween Recap

Yes, Ive been doing more non scrappy posts lately - with Ellie's birthday and Halloween things have just been crazy busy! BUT I have been working on a few scrappy things, just can't share them yet. So, here is a quick halloween recap

Our street is usually pretty quiet. In the past it hasn't bothered me, she was little and I was happy to hit the few houses that give out candy on our street, talk to some neighbors and head home. But this year she was SO into Halloween that I wanted her to have a trick-or-treat experience similar to what I had as a kid - tons of candy, tons of houses, tons of kids.

Except, people just don't seem to into it anymore. We decided to head around the block and found that on the next street over, where the houses are closer together, it was more what I was looking for. She DID get a ton of candy. She takes her time though. She socializes, chooses her candy carefully, asks to pet dogs. So we ended up having to skip a lot of houses. and she was running from house to house and didnt want me to take her picture. So I only got a couple half decent ones.
Again, straight out of the camera.

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