Monday, August 17, 2009

random thoughts

wow, I must be bored. Its been a long time since I had just a general post so here you go.

1. I was just looking back over my blog and realized that I have been creating a WHOLE LOT of cards lately and not very many scrapbook pages. I mean, I knew I was doing cards but I didnt realize just how many. Its just odd because I dont consider myself a card maker, but I am loving the digi stamp idea and these cards are giving me a chance to play around with new techniques. Oh and new challenges of course!

2. I am, not so patiently waiting for my first assignment for the ACOT creative team. Still super excited about it, but really wishing I could get going on it.

3. I am definitely not waiting patiently for vacation. I am SO beyond ready for that. Dont expect to see any new scrappy stuff from me for a couple of weeks. This week I will be packing after work, then next week on vacay then unpacking, THEN after labor day I will have new scrappy stuff. Please don't abandon me or my blog because I will be back with new and exciting things.

4. As I was looking back over my blog I realized that I have gotten myself into another rut! This time the rut is not Design Team work like before, but challenges. I have about 30 challenge blogs that I follow and I frantically try to get as many done as possible each weekend. For a while this was totally inspiring me, but now I am looking at my work from the last couple weeks and thinking that the inspiration from the challenges has passed. I think I need to try to slow down again and just do pages as I am inspired. But how to keep myself and my competitive/overachiever personality from making me enter all these contests? how do I just pick the ones that truly inspire me? maybe a 2 week scrappy break is what I need. I am going to do some sketching on vacation. Dont know if I will be sharing any of that but maybe that will refresh things.

I guess that's it for now.

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