Friday, May 22, 2009

My pre-birthday birthday

Last night when I got home from work, Seth and Ellie had a pre-birthday birthday party all ready for me! (Ellie is going to be at her Nana and Pop's house on my actual birthday and she would have been totally bummed if she missed celebrating)

They made me a cake and Ellie decorated it - with sprinkles and good and plentys and jelly beans and strawberries - lol! and 3-0 candles! Ellie was so proud of herself! and so happy to show me my cake! Seriously that's all the birthday present I needed! But that wasnt all - they got me a bunch of mylar balloons. (at the dollar store - go Seth, you are learning!) And Ellie had to show me that each one said "Happy Birthday" and one was shaped like a cupcake. Then they had a gift for me, that Ellie had helped buy and she even made the wrapping paper! (she colored on a big piece of paper) It is a GC for a massage at a local spa! Yay! something I totally need! Then we had pizza (my favorite kind) They sang happy birthday. And we ate the cake.

Oh and I got lots of photos, some I even let Seth take so I am in them! and in almost all of them Ellie has smudges of chocolate frosting on her face from 'sampling' the icing while decorating! The smudges were almost artfully done so I left them there for a little while.

For all you scrappy types out there, here is a page (I just hate reading blogs with no pictures!)

Its from a page maps sketch (it was supposed to be for their 3rd anniversary contest but I dont know if I am going to enter it) and it is almost all sassafras lass, except the stitching rub-on which is Daisy Ds from Scrapbook Dreamer.


And last but not least, I got an early birthday present from Scrapperie!


Catherine said...

Meg that sounds like an awesome pre-birthday birthday! Ellie is so sweet!

Colleen said...

Happy early birthday and love the layout!

Janet said...

LOL...then you must hate my blog! LOL!!...Anyway...Sounds like a wonderful pre-birthday party! I'm glad you got a chance to celebrate with your little one. Have fun this weekend and Happy Birthday!

Sandy said...

I'm so glad you got your cake! I can't wait to see some photos. I think Ellie with chocolate on her will be adorable! I like your blog with or without pictures...