Friday, February 29, 2008

Michaels find, and March Madness!

So yesterday I found this ADORABLE little recipe boxes at Michaels on the dollar rack. The dollar one is the smaller one on the left, and the bigger one on the right is the Creative Imaginations one that I bought for $12 and altered. I am totally going to alter the smaller one, and I bought two of them but I might have to go back and get more. Love it! and for only a buck I think it is a steal. and no, I dont work for Micheals.

What else? Colleen asked about time. It is leap year. How weird is that? I mean, it really is just another day, but it is also a day that we CREATED from bits and pieces of OTHER days. Weird.

What else. Time - it is constant and continuous but somehow doesnt seem so. When I think about how much Ellie has grown over the past two years, it is just amazing and time just flies! but then when I try to think about life BEFORE her, it seems like a lifetime ago. when I spend time in my scrapbook room hours pass in the blink of an eye it seems, but when I sit in traffic on the highway at 7:30pm after a long long long day at work, time seems to creep slower even than my car.


Did you know that Memory Makers has a call out about time. I dont have a link, but I think I found it on pub Calls. They are looking for pages for the Sept/Oct issue with the theme - These are the Days, Days of our Lives, or Time Flies. due March 31.

Oh and Scrapperie is hosting ANOTHER month long party. Well, we, the Tres Chic Girls, really are hosting it. Anyway there are going to be a ton of RAKs and challenges. Each tres chic girl has chosen a day to give a RAK away, and if you have 10 posts or more on teh board that day your name will be entered into a drawing for the RAK. the catch? you don't know what days we have chosen!!! so you have to come over and chat and play with us every day if you want to maximize your chances of winning! Oh and the RAKs are going to be really cool! We have been chatting and planning them. These are not just crappy "this is stuff we don't really want" RAKs. These are planned, neat mini KITS!! I dont feel like putting a hyperlink in right now, so use the button on the left side that says Scrapperie and come over and check it out!! (thanks to Seth for helping me figure out how to make my blinkies into links and not just graphics) so seriously, click that button, make his work worthwhile!!

See you there!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A couple of pages

Here are a couple more pages that I did this past weekend.

This one was for the GDT call at backporchmemories, but when I went back and read the rules again, I realized that they are requiring journaling. I havent decided yet if I am going to try to add some journaling and submit it, or leave it as it is. I kinda like it the way it is, but I did think (even before I saw the requirement of journaling) of putting some captions on the photos. so I dont know. Anyway, this was made using my Scarlet Lime kit and with a sketch from becky fleck done for backporchmemories.


This one I did for a challenge at acherryontop for their virtual crop - from which I won NOTHING - which is unusual for me at their crops. Almost everything is random drawing based, so I am not bragging about my ability, but usually i win SOMETHING. Anyway, the challenge was to make a page about summer in an 8.5x11 format that could be submitted to a cover page call from memory makers (or some magazine). I dont really do the mag submissions and since the pic I used doesnt have the subjects looking at the camera, I didnt bother submitting it. but I do like it! I used the Scrapperie carnival kit along with some Fancy Pants felt that I got from scrapwords.


What else is new? Someone, I think it was becca but I could be wrong, at Scrapwords challenged us to make a top 10 list. So here is mine:

Top Ten Things to do on the weekend (in no particular order other than how they come into my head)
1. Watch TV
2. Scrap
3. Take a nap
4. go to the zoo
5. run errands
6. visit with family
7. play with Ellie
8. go to the park
9. (totally running out of things now) Sleep in
10. hang out with friends. (how did I forget that one?)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the Library

So I got home from work last night around 7 and Seth had dinner ready. Then we realized that the movies had to go back to the library. We have been renting movies for Ellie from the library. I dont know why you have to pay for movies at the library - doesnt that kinda defeat the purpose? but still it is only $1.50 and on Tuesday you get two for one. So I took Ellie to the library to exchange her movies at almost 8pm. Can you believe that there was no parking! Granted, it is a small parking lot, but there were a ton of people hanging out at the library, going in and out, people of all ages, out at the library on a Tuesday night! I was pleasantly surprised! I mean, I was annoyed that I had to wait for a parking spot, but it made me feel good about my town that our library is that hopping! They have an anime club, various book groups, kids programs, all kinds of stuff. It just amazes me! Maybe this isnt unusual and I wouldnt know because I grew up in the country. But it just seems to me a reminder of a simpler time, and just one more thing that I love about the COMMUNITY that I live in. I put that in all caps becasue it really is a community and it just blows my mind that places like this still exist and we stumbled into one almost by accident!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

new column up at scrapwords!

I just posted my newest article at scrapwords Fuel your Felt Fancy

check it out! I put lots of pics in there to keep it fun, but it is also (hopefully) informative and inspiring.

Priceless Moment

Check this out! This is my first page that I made for my new position as a Hoo girl for Your Memories By Design ( - the letters, the journaling tag and the heart label are all from there!



the rest of the stuff on this page is from the Scrapperie Jan kit. Plus I added the bubble wrap which I stole off one of my coworkers' desks - well, I did ask AND explain that I needed his trash to make a scrapbook page. And the rub-ons are American crafts.

oh and I almost forgot - this was made from a sketch by Ally at scrapperie for the Saturday Night Fever crop.

Oh, and I think the new look to my blog is done!
Thanks to Seth for helping me get that banner to fit in the box! and figure out how to make my blinkies into links

Monday, February 25, 2008

new blog banner

yeah, so I just finished making this new blog banner and boy was that a pain! my computer is being really really slow. So anyway, isnt it cool? Seth thinks it is weird that I look like I am hanging upside down, but I think it is kinda funny. The flourish is from the prima IOD scallywag collection and the texture is from the Dianne Rigdon damask collection. Now I just have to tweak the rest of the blog format, but it is way past my bedtime, so consider it under construction for now.

I got elminated

So yeah, I got eliminated. I saw it coming so that's ok. Shannon is still in it though - rock on! I still have someone to root for!

 Here are my pages that got me eliminated.

this one is supposed to be Elsie style - I drew and hand cut the frame from two colors of foam.



And this one was the style of one of the DT members I think it turned out really cute!




Photobucket Photobucket

Sunday, February 24, 2008

She said ...

FYI - if you read my scrapwords blog, this is a total copy paste job - sorry. I dont normally do that but oh I dont know why I did it this time

Well, this weekend was busy busy busy! I had Friday off, and we spent it playing outside in the snow. Then on Saturday I took Eliana to her morning gymnastics class, which DH usually takes her to. And that was pretty much a complete bust. she didnt want to do ANY of the activities. I couldnt even get her on the trampoline. She just wanted to either run around in big circles flapping her arms like a bird, or lay down on the ground when I tried to get her to do something. And I got to asking myself the question: if this class is for her then how much should I push her to participate? I dont know. But she did get in the bounce house, and a boy - a little bigger than her - pushed her down. Well my baby, got up and ran over to him and threw her arm around his neck and took him down! LOL! not that I would encourage her to assault another kid, but it was pretty funny. Of course in the process she bumped her nose and started crying. Then the teacher who was inside, but not watching, picked her up and said something like "did that mean boy hurt you?" LOL! meanwhile I was outside watching and laughing. (she is a drama queen and I knew she wasnt really hurt and it was just so funny how she took that kid down like who taught her THAT?!)

Anyway, then we went out to breakfast with Nana and Pop and that was fun, and we spent almost 2 hours killing time in Target and I only spent $40!! can you believe that? I gave 5 things to the cashier and told him to send them back. Then I scrapped because there were a couple of cyber crops going on, and then we went out to dinner with some friends while ellie spent the night with my in-laws. Today, I did NOTHING!! it was GREAT! I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow!

Ok, now here is a page that I made last weekend, that I am really proud of. Pretty much everything on this page was from my Scarlet Lime kit, but the ribbon is Love Elsie from Scrapwords, and the border stickers and the I and the U are all CI Narratives from Scrapwords. Oh and the edge of the circle is Narratives too.

There is a TON of journaling on this page, under the photos when you move the photo turns aside, there is a minibook with about 4 pages of journaling. Long story short on that: I couldnt wait for Ellie to tell me she loved me, but I didnt want to coach her to say it. So lately she has been teasing me by saying that she loves ice cream, and she loves penny and she loves her doll house. Then last weekend in the bathroom at Chipotle - of all places - she insisted on giving me a hug and telling me she loved me before she would go potty! It totally melted my heart!

The photos are from a different day, a couple days before, but since I didnt have a pic from the Chipotle bathroom - I figured these fit pretty well.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We have a new team!!

Scrapwords announced the new 2008 Wordsmiths today!

Congratulations to Becca, Selena and Grace!!

And a big congratulations to Sandy for coming on board as a senior design team member to share her digital skills with us!

I am looking forward to a great year filled with new ideas and inspiration!

Saturday Night Fever!

To go along with our Fantastic February Challenge at Scrapperie, you won't want to miss out on all the fun we have in store for you this Saturday - February 23, 2008 at our one day cyber crop!

We'll begin at 10am CST by posting all ten challenges and the sign-in thread. (All challenges will be due by midnight that night.) The fun will continue throughout the day with games, challenges and other crazy chances to earn prizes and points towards the February challenge.

Did I mention random door prize drawings throughout the day? You can win gift certificates, mini scrapbook kits and loads of other scrappy prizes from our Boutique. Oh! The Boutique will have all Vintage Ltd Kits on sale at 50% off!

You do not have to be participating in our Fantastic February points challenge to participate in the crop and win prizes.

oh and I lost 2 lbs!!
over and out

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

guess what I am having tonight?

ice cream! Seth and Ellie went out to dinner right next door to Maggie Moo's - I LOVE that place. So I told Seth that I would eat my lean cuisine at work (gotta work really late tonight) and then he could bring me some maggie moos. (child sized) AND it will fit into my diet! woohoo!! (only 180 calories)

I know, I know, I should be making better choices on how to 'spend' my calories, but somehow I turned out really low on calories today so it is all good! (and I already worked out before work - part of why I am STILL at work)

Oh, and I have a new plan. I was gonna join weight watchers but just can't get into spending the money on it, so I decided to give it one more go on my own and if that doesnt work then I am going to do weight watchers. So the new plan is that each week I will set out my goals for the week and if I meet the goals then Seth has to go buy me the predetermined non food related treat. This week it is the EK Success Circle Scissor. I have been wanting an easy way to cut cirlce and thinking that is the way I want to go, but not wanting to spend the money on it, but it is on sale at ACMoore this week, so it fits into the 'under $20' goal for my first weekly treat! I figure, the cost of the treats is about what weight watchers would cost me and I get something that I want, and I have it to keep. So, so far I am on track - just 3 more days of this week! (going friday to friday) I CAN DO THIS!!! (and with ice cream too!)

Oh and here is a page that I made this past weekend for Scrapwords word of the week "Sassy" and for the ad challenge at a cherry on top.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Round Two is Up for Voting!!

The second round of Scrapping with the Stars is up and open for voting at Coordinates Collections. There are two stars, and you may vote in each category. Wow, there is a LOT of stiff competition over there! everyone did a great job this time - even better than last time! I am really nervous!

What else? today we went to the Academy of Natural Sciences to see Dinosaur bones. We had a blast! Here is Ellie checking out the dinosaur bones.

Then I came home and did some scrapping! Boy was I inspired today! I can't wait to share the pages that I did today, but alas, I dont have any pics of them yet. But here is a journal that I altered yesterday for a friend, and I realized today as I went to upload the pic - that I left the 'N' out of the word journal - lol! I fixed it today, but here it is sans n just for your amusement.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Friday Friday!!!

It's Friday, and I am bored, and tired and hungry and I want to go home. So I thought I would do another blog post to take up some time. Blogging makes me happy.

First random thought: I won a drawing from ScrapSupply for their Gauntlet challenge. I don't hang around on the boards over there all that much, but I love their store - tons of colors of Bazzill and some unusual products that are hard to find elsewhere. So I am really excited! I won a $25 gc! and I never win random drawings! Since I was little I have always said - I am just not lucky. My sister would always kick my butt at all those chance games that kids play. It got to the point that it was almost comical. Give me a strategy game any day, but a game of chance I will surely lose. Not this time though!! I am so excited! In fact, I am so excited that I can't decide what to buy! LOL!

Second random thought: I was chosen as the Fab Find for today at Coordinates Collections for my round M+S=Love page. I love that page and am thrilled to see that someone else really liked it too!

Third Random Thought: I asked a question of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel and they chose to answer it. You can read it here. I don't know why this excites me so much - partly because I really wanted an answer to my question, but also I guess just that 'seeing your name in print' feeling. They say that they get a lot of questions and don't answer them all, so I feel priveledged that they chose to answer mine.

Fourth Random Thought: I am doing pretty well on my 'don't buy' plan. On Wednesday I put $100 worth of scrappy products in my cart at a store that is going out of business. You needed to spend $100 to get %40 off. And I found a ton of stuff that I wanted, and it was a good deal. But at the last minute I just closed the window. And today I did the same thing at Disney Outlet .com I am actually starting to like it! I mean, I used to get a rush from pressing the "confirm order" button, but now I am getting a rush from just closing my browser and NOT buying. It feels like I am actually in control instead of impulse buying.

Fifth Random thought: now if only I could apply that same sort of reasoning to my diet. I decided last night that I was well enough to start working out again, but when I woke up this morning I was tired and my throat hurts - a LOT. yep, I am a total wimp. So I didnt work out. BUT I did vow to get back on track, and I came up with a new guidline I call it the 3-4-5 plan. I plan to eat 300 calories for breakfast, 400 calories for lunch and 500 calories for dinner. That adds up to 1200 calories and leaves room for a 100 calorie snack in the afternoon with plenty of room to spare. I am hoping that this more rigid plan will help me stay on track, because before, I was just shooting for a total of 1300-1600 calories per day and I would try to save them up over the course of the day and then end up binging and going over. Today, I think it is sort of working, I had a donut for breakfast and pizza for lunch. (just one donut and only two slices of pizza with grease dabbed off) and an apple. Now, I know that is not the most healthy stuff, but it is Friday and around here Friday means donuts from the bakery down the street and they are THE BEST donuts EVER!!! I mean, I just can't pass them up, so I have worked it in, I mean, if I pass them up in the morning then the good cream filled kind that I like is gone and I end up eating TWO stale donuts in the afternoon trying to fulfill that craving but I just can't so sometimes I even do some candy too! So that is my excuse - wanna make som-in of it?!

Random thought number - oh crap I forget, so whatever: did I share this with you yet? well if I did then sorry for boring you but here it is again and if I didnt, then this is a tin that had fudge in it from target at christmas that I altered for a challenge.

Here's to a good weekend!

Well, thank goodness this week is over!! With all the sickness and associated stress from last weekend spilling over into this week, I am thrilled that this week has finally come to an end! I am looking forward to this weekend and some scrapping, relaxing, girl time. Oh and I have Monday off so it is a three day weekend! woohoo!

Here is the last page that I have not shared from before I got sick. This was from a sketch challenge at I had these really cute pictures of my sister and her new baby laying around and I didnt know what to do with them. I took my cue from the color in her shirt and used my Scrapperie kit. and the doodling was so much fun! I was inspired by some doodling that one of my scrappy friends did - but, sorry gals I can't remember who it was.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

A couple of cards

Here are a couple of cards that I made for a challenge at the new jewish-scrapbooking website.

This first one I am really proud of because I stamped then colored the hanukkah image, and I stamped and embossed the green background. And I set the hanukkah medallion up on pop dots and outlinedthe background in stickles. I dont usually do that much stamp work. And in fact I dont own that many stamps, I just happened to have won the Hanukkah stamp in an online RAK drawing.
Here are a couple of cards that I made for a challenge at the new jewish-scrapbooking website.


This one is more like my typical cards. But I also stamped and embossed the letters, then I half outlined them with a black pen to give a sort of shadow effect. The bottom front is cut with deco scissors to expose some of the inside, but you can't see that because of the shadow. Oh and FYI - Mazel Tov means congratulations.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What store am I?

Suzanne posted a challenge to blog about the store that you think best fits your personality. I dont usually need an excuse to blog, because I shoot my mouth off about just about anything, so I dont usually do blog challenges, but I HAD to do this one! Let's see - talk about myself AND shopping, what is there not to love?

Ok, so here is the exact prompt: "What store best represents what type of person you are right now? Are you a Macy's or Wal-Mart type of person? Do you wish you were a different store? Take any direction you'd like; either where you shop in real life or comparing your personality to a particular store. Have fun with it!"

I think that I would have to say I am a Target because I am reasonably stylish but ultimately practical. I am also clean and bright and friendly. Oh and I like to think of myself as extremely well rounded, having interests and knowledge in a wide variety of areas - something for everyone so to speak. So, yeah, Target. And yes, I shop at Target and yes I love it! So I guess you could say that I love myself. LOL! I enjoy shopping at Target because it has decent quality products at a reasonable price and offers pretty much one stop shopping. I can get clothes, housewares, toys and even food there! One might say - in, out, over! Hmmmm, what does that say about me as the personified Target? ok, enough of that thought, moving on. What DONT I like about Target? The clothes could be a little more stylish. That is true of me too (although I don't often buy my clothes at Target because I am more of an Old Navy clothing girl) still I often wish that my clothes were a little more stylish but in the end comfort, practicality, price, and a desire to 'lose 20lbs first' usually keeps me from upgrading. What else? Nothing! I like being clean. I like being friendly. I like being not too crowded (usually). Hmmmm, get your mind out of the gutter! I like being well rounded! Well in a non-physical way.

Wow, that was fun! Thanks Suzanne!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Made it to the next round! (& a potty story)

Well I am happy to announce that I made it to the next round of the Scrapping with the Stars competition at Coordinates Collection. I wasnt so sure that I was going to make it since my page that was inspired by Ali Edwards' style was less than stellar. (IMO) Her style was just so hard for me! I thought I did a really good job on the other LO that was supposed to be in the style of one of the DT members at CC. Anyway, I guess I did ok, because I made it to the next round where we will tackle another CC member's style along with Elsie Flannigan. I have my Elsie page already planned out and can't wait!

Here are my pages from last round - now that the round is over I am allowed to share them with you!


And was my Saturday relaxing? um, maybe - but honestly I can't even remember since Sunday and Monday were so bad - lol! Saturday we relaxed and then went out to dinner because I knew I was getting sick and I wanted to get out of the house before it really hit. We had a good time pretending that we are the average middle class american family - dinner at a chain restaurant and then a stroll around the mall. DH always gripes about chain restaurants, he prefers the small local places. But I really felt like a loud anonymous place and a cobb salad, so we went to the mall to rock bottom brewery. It was good. While we waited for our table we browsed in the book store. We got a wings and ribs appetizer that ellie loved, and I had my cobb salad and a wheat beer. Afterward we walked around the mall, bought some new socks for ellie - because she had outgrown her old ones and because I threw a pair out when we went to the bathroom - more on that later. We also had a crepe with bananas and strawberries for dessert.

ok so now onto the bathroom story - aka what my daughter will be telling her therapist later in life. so ellie had to go potty while we were in the restaurant so I rushed her to the bathroom got her undressed (as of right now she needs her pants and undies socks and shoes completely off) I left her socks on though to try to protect her feet from germs. So she is going potty when all of the sudden, the toilet auto-flushes!! My poor child simultaneously screams and leaps off the potty into my lap in the process spraying pee everyhwere. I know, you are probably laughing, and I dont really blame you, its funny, but also a tad bit traumatic for her. So after getting her calmed down and cleaned up as best I could, I threw her socks in the trash because they were wet from being on the floor wiith the pee spray. and now, she is afraid to use the potty. We ended up taking her to the doctor yesterday because she seemed to have a urinary track infection, but now I wonder if it was really just residual fear of the potty. Oh and what the doctor said is another long story entirely, but suffice it to say that she (the doc) made me feel like I pushed Ellie too hard into the potty training. I dont think she tried to make me feel that way, but the first thing she said when she walked in was, "so this is the two year old who complained that it hurts when she pees" hmmmmm.

So I am still sick and I need a nap, but I am back at work and very happy about it! Yeah, I am a bad mom, but I needed a break from being couped up in that house!

Although the update is that Seth said Ellie went on the potty in the library just fine.

Calgon take me away!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Relaxing Saturday (we hope)

Well, I am hoping for a relaxing Saturday. Friday wasnt bad, but hopefully today will be better because I have a long week coming up. So this morning was my morning to sleep in while Seth took Ellie to gymnastics. I slept until they left, then got up and worked out for almost an hour! I needed to make up for missing a day. Then I checked email, showered and waited for Seth and ellie to return with my coffee. Stopping at Starbucks on the way back from gym class has become a tradition and ellie gets really upset if she thinks you are going to skip it. I get a tall skinny double peppermint mocha! I told seth he can remember it by thinking about girls - tall skinny double - lol!

we are still waiting for my car to be finished. I took it in for regular maintenance yesterday and they said that it was due for inspection and needed new brakes. I kinda thought it needed new brakes so I wasnt surprised, but we forgot that in this state we have to get it inspected every year! So, in an hour or so we will go pick it up, then I hope to spend the rest of the day home relaxing, scrapping, watching TV and playing with Ellie. She is on a Diego kick - she just wants to watch it over and over again. We 'rent' them from the library for $1.50, and we got this one yesterday so it is new and she is totally obsessed. I know, I probably shouldnt let her watch so much TV but she gets plenty of other stimulation and she really learns stuff from the shows she watches so I dont even feel guilty about it anymore.

Ok, here are a couple things that I finished yesterday. I was altering this mailbox - for what purpose I have no idea but it sure looks cute huh? and I never finished it, so I decided to finish it for this challenge at serendipity, and make some ATC's to go in it. Which I also dont know what I am going to do with, but whatever, they were fun! And then finally, my YEar in the Life card for Suzannes challenge - the word was Love this week.

Oh and sorry that the pics are so bad, I took them in my scrap room last night so that I would have them to enter into teh challenge in time.




Friday, February 8, 2008

9 challenges and a tiny trip to the ER

Ok, yeah, we went to the ER last night. I am kinda embarrassed about it, but we just didnt know what else to do. Eliana had really really bad diarrhea and then she fell asleep but woke up and her stomach was all hard and puffed out, and she wouldnt stop crying for like an hour! We gave her some mylicon but it didnt seem to help, so we called the ped, and they said (not seemingly worried) that since her stomach was rigid, we should take her to the ER. I think we all knew that it was nothing (well all of us except Ellie) but we figured better safe than sorry. So while we sat in the waiting room for two hours, she had some major gas and her stomach softened so that by the time we saw the doc, she was asleep and pretty much fine. They said that this has been going around and expect serious vomiting and stuff, but today she is just fine. So I guess we all get one screw up trip to the ER right? and this was ours. But if we hadnt gone and it wasnt just gas, I would have never forgiven myself. So what is a mother (and father) to do?

So today after a long sleepless night, I HAD to scrap!! I had this page all planned out from a spark of inspiration at work on Wed, that led me to work 9 - coutem NINE - challenges into this one page. All sketched out and everything and it came together like a dream! just how I imagined it!

Journaling reads: When we first met and fell in love, I thought that I had it all; I thought I knew what love was. It wasn't until our love brought Eliana into our lives that I realized how wrong I had been and what it feels like to truly love, be loved, have it all and be complete.

Products: Bazzill cardstock, Petaloo flower, fancy pants stamps, My Minds Eye paper, CI paper, CI stickers, American Crafts felt hearts, Prima chipboard letters, Heidi Swapp ghost letters, American Crafts rub-on letters, misc chipboard, misc acrylic paint, colorbox ink, zig pen, misc staples.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Toy Rotation!

Colleen asked, "what is going on around your house these days?". It's funny because there are so many things that I *should* be doing around the house. We just finished our new kitchen floor and trim, and I still have to finish painting the patched wall. But I guess since we just finished that, we are taking a short break. And I don't clean because I have a cleaning service, and I dont really need to reorganize because I am pretty organized in the first place (well at least when I remember to put things back) So I guess the only thing going on is that tomorrow we need to do toy rotation. We keep a lot of Eliana's toys in the closet and then switch them out when she seems to be getting bored. So now is that time!

Oh and I should clean the office - aka giant closet. But yeah, that's it!

Here is a page that I made for the Scrapwords word of the week: Respect.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A couple urban pages

I have had a migraine for two days now, and Seth is at the zoo with Ellie while I am at work with a migraine. I am not a happy camper. So I will make this short and sweet:



Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Voting is up at Coordinates Collection

If you are ALREADY a registered member of Coordinates Collections forums the voting for Scrapping with the Stars is up! There are a lot of awesome entries there, so check 'em out and cast your vote!

A few pages

I had a really relaxing day yesterday playing with Ellie and scrapping. Here are a few pages that I finished for some challenges.

This one was using a pagemap sketch for the contest at a peek into yesterday. Yeah, I know I said I was getting frustrated but the challenges are just so good I can't help myself. I used some AWESOME A2z essentials paper that I got from peek. And some ranger crackle paint too - soooo cool!

It was a double duty page, because it fit the contest call at coordinates collection too, for something that you love, using chipboard and at least one photo without people. When I saw that contest, I just knew that it was a great excuse for me to scrap some Europe photos. (I hate scrapping my Europe photos and I still have so many to do!)


And here are those deck of me cards for Suzanne's Year in the Life challenge. I keep getting behind. in fact I ought to check today, she probably has another one up - lol!



That's it, nothing exciting today. I worked out. I have a headache. I am at work. but since I was home yesterday watching Ellie, I only have a 3 day week this week! woohoo!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

First, the good. I was hand picked by Catherine as one of the new designers for her store, Your Memories By Design. I am thrilled to be designing for her and thrilled that she gave me this compliment by choosing me to be on her team. Cat is so talented, that she has begun to focus on creating these wonderful handmade products in her etsy store. I can't wait to get my hands on some of her products!

The bad: I really thought I was going to win the "I want a new" contest at a peek into yesterday, but I didnt. It's kinda funny at this point. I just dont seem to be able to win a contest over there. I really thought that my "I want a new body" page was going to be the winner, but oh well. I still love it, and I will still keep entering becasue their contests are so much fun.

Onto more personal stuff:

This weekend was busy, but fun. Renee came over on Friday and we had some wine and cheese and watched the kids play. Just like old times only less relaxing and no Gilmore Girls. I had really missed her though so I really needed it.
Then on saturday I took Ellie over to my mom's and we went to Frank and Tracie's for a party. We stayed sooooo late! And I drank just a tad bit too much, but it was a much needed adult night out.

The bad and the ugly: One of Seth's best friends, Kyle's wife slipped and fell and broke her knee, and severed some arteries and almost died. Then they thought that she was going to lose her leg. Now things are looking up. She isnt completely out of the woods yet and there is no telling how much physical therapy she will need and if she will ever walk again, but she is young and strong and improving, so that is good.

I am still trying to figure out what to do today. Seth is sick so I stayed home from work to watch Eliana. Plus, I was really missing her! This is kind of a new thing for me. Maybe it is belated bonding or maybe it is because I am finally not depressed for like the first time ever. But she has stayed overnight with my parents and Seth's parents lots of times and I never felt like this. I just couldnt wait to hold her!

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Month means Fresh Scrap Happenings!


I have a new title at Scrapwords, since I do more than just design team member stuff. I am now the 'creative director'. woohoo! doesnt that sound all fancy?! AND there are some new exciting things happening at Scrapwords this month. There is a new contest for the monthly Scrapwords Original. This person will be a new 'discovery' and will be featured on the site during the month, and they will recieve some fabulous prizes! Also, Les started a new Scrapwords Champion contest. EVERYONE is eligible for that title, which will be awarded every other month to the person who has been the most active and positive on the blogs and boards. Of course the bi-weekly word contests will continue. And Finally, February has been designated as All About Me month! There will be all kinds of fun challenges and inspiration regarding pages and projects featuring YOU! Check out the news on Leslie's blog post.

As I mentioned yesterday, Scrapperie also is having a new contest for the month of February. It is a points based contest, where points are awarded for participation on the message boards, in the gallery and in challenges. There are all kinds of fun prizes, and the boards have been hopping already today. See my post from yesterday for more details, or just stop over at Scrapperie and join the fun!

Tonight I am hanging out with Renee. I have been looking forward to this ALL WEEK! we just dont get to see each other that much anymore and it is great to watch the kids play. So I am blowing off my diet tonight to have some wine, some cheese, some nibbles and some conversation! woohoo!

Oh and finally, here are the cards for my deck of me from the last couple weeks. I saw the new one posted today on Suzannes blog, and remembered that I never posted the last two!