Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday Traffic Musings

Ok, so I should have posted this yesterday but I totally forgot and went off shooting my mouth about all kinds of stuff. So I had the weirdest drive to work yesterday. I was late and usually there isnt any traffic on a certain stretch of road, but yesterday there was a ton! I am sitting there wondering what the deal is, when I see the accident. Some poor sole got hit by a police officer! how much would that stink? I mean, being in an accident is bad enough, but if the other car was a cop that would just make it all that much worse. Then I move on, finally moving and I start seeing chunks of snowy ice on the side of the road. We didnt get any snow and the way they were scattered, it was clear that they had blown off of the top of a truck. Weird. As I approach the interchange to the turnpike (including the northeast extension) I start noticing cars in the southbound traffic with what could only have been about a foot of snow on the tops of their cars before they started driving. At first I was thinking, awww those poor souls dont have garages, then I realized that I dont have a garage either and I didnt have snow on my car, where did they come from? Then I realized that they had come off the northeast extension. I guess it isnt that weird but I just thought it was interesting that these people were commuting to work from so far away that they got a foot of snow and we got nothing but rain. hmmmm. Or is it that I commute too far? I mean I was a half hour north of where I live so I guess if they drove an hour then, well whatever. just the random thought of yesterday.

and today, I was late again and this time there were TWO accidents on the west-bound side of the turnpike. Luckily it only slowed me a little. Oh and the toll plazas at Ft. Washington seem to be back to working order. They have been working on them and so every day you come around the bend from the off ramp and have a different configuration. It is like the little surprise for the day - surprise we moved the ezpass lanes all the way to the right - surprise there are no ezpass only lanes today - surprise there are TWO ezpass only lanes. surprises are not a good thing when you have hundreds of people decelerating from 75mph to go through toll plazas and merging.

So this week the new DT at scraperie is going to be posted. I know it probably wont be until the end of the week, and I probably wont win, but still I find myself checking the site like compulsively 10 times a day - ok probably 20 times. wish me luck!

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